KaW Forum Trivia Info! *Monthly Sponsored Event*

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Nate, May 17, 2016.

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    2 hours. Will post the thread 30 minutes before start. :)
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    Usually I hear of people saying they're waiting for life to begin.
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    Thank you so much for giving something else besides just Kaw to play.
  4. New members added to the Wall of Shame. :mrgreen:
  5. I will always be #1
  6. Always.

  7. A little birdie told me that forum trivia will be getting revamped. After it’s sad shut down after season 3 hosted by Snoopy (who took over for beloved host Moose).

    Forum Trivia is rumored to be returning this weekend with the now revamped Snoopy aka Nate aka Steve Harvey of KaW aka the Forum Wiz aka the Trivia Master as the host...
  8. Pfft 
  9. The devs said I needed to raise awareness if I wanted to bring back forum trivia. Who’d all want me to bring it back?
  10. Tell the dev that they need to bring awareness to this game. 1 point for Surge
  11. wow what a necrobump lock pls

    jk yeah why not
  12. Let's do it! I'm down!
  13. Support
  14. sure, sounds fun
  15. Bring er back baby
  16. N for nty