KaW drinking game

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Archer123, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Let's make a list and then we can all die of alcohol poisoning

    Take a drink when:
    -devs release new lands/buildings
    -free xtals for no reason
    -forumer complaints about the old days
    -a new 'promo' starts within 5 minutes of the previous one ending, and this one has even better rewards
    -a max build player makes fun of someone on WC for being dtw
    -you think about how much life you've wasted on a text based phone game that none of your friends have even heard of
    -a new moderator is selected, who nobody has ever seen before and has no community presence
    -you hear crickets chirping in ally chat
    -you delete the app for the 78th time
  2. I feel attacked
  3. I just died from alcohol poisoning :^(
  4. A player "retires" then is seen a week later = take a shot
  5. Already on my 18th shot because of this :D

  6. Down the bottle when some idiot quotes OP on the first page.