KaW Creative Contest - Taking Ideas

Discussion in 'Activities' started by Seth, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Hey KaW people, recently I've been doing these creative contests. I like them and I think it's a nifty way to get some small rewards.

    The last competition had a depressing lack of entries, however the first competition had an overwhelming amount.

    I was wondering, what kind of contests would you like to see in the future? This will help me provoke more involvement from the community.

  2. Maybe comedy based competitions to make us laugh
  3. How about a poem, or a fairy tale. Or to design a piece of equipment for next event.
    Or to write a story for next event.
  4. Post drawings maybe? Involving art.....
  5. There was one of these recently though... I think something new would be better
  6. Support.
  7. A short children's story. Something you could read your nine year old for bedtime.

    Edit: or a structure poem like a haiku or limerick.
  8. How about you post all entries so the kawmunity actually has a say.
  10. I think the map thing was a bit difficult. I mean, there's already a basic kingdom map. What more could you want?
  11. I made a map. It was the only entry though. So devs gave me noffin.

  12. ^I do my water like that too o.o
  13. :| Stop being so damn gifted.
  14. Great picture!!!!
  15. GIF competition??
  16. This could be cool :p a signup for contestants then a battle of the gifs until someone doesn't have the gifs to post anymore... Nice! :D
  17. How is it kaw creative? lol
    unless u make a gif urself.
  18. Takes some creativity to keep it funny or on topic based off the last gif. A dev sponsored gif war is something I would enjoy 
  19. I like the poetry idea personally. I would definitely contribute if that were the next contest.