KAW crashes

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  1. Is anyone having trouble getting to their clan page or profile? Every time I try to access either, KAW crashes on me. I'm pretty much stuck in a clan cause I can't get into the clan page to leave! Happening on both of my Android devices.
  2. Perfectly fine for me, no issues here.
  3. My android device is working fine with KaW. I suggest to try reinstalling KaW!
  4. Check if you are at the latest version of KaW
  5. Solution: 1. buy Apple devices 2. transfer accts

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  6. :lol: Todd
  7. Don't you have the accts linked to PC/Facebook acct? If you do just login thru PC. If you don't have devices linked you should, in case you loose or break devices in future.

    ...but anyways prob temp glitch they pretty much all are
  8. i was having that a day or two ago. Force restart the app in the task killer and it should fix it.
  9. 100% no support

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  10. that should work if not u can always email them dirty apes at support@athinkingape.com