KaW clock

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  1. idea for WC to display a kaw klock so people know when the events/promo periods etc are due to start/end without the pain in the ass time-zone calculations!!? i sometimes smoke so much i dont what the time

    edit :- theres google and the pole star if you have any patience THE DEVS ALWAYS STATE starts ...pm pst or finishes ..pm pdt etc etc well it is not a ball ache if ya in that tzone but the other 23zones and ppl therein .....does it require anymore......and also its not exclusively for the event times yeah promos discount offers zta blah blah blah
  2. You do know you have an event timer?
  3. :shock: wow dude! This idea is amazing! This needs to be implemented ASAP! Please sticky.

    *In all seriousness.. no. We have an event timer for this located on top right of your home screen. You also have a war schedule you can refer to.
  4. I always thought it would be cool for KaW to have its own clock. It's own time, a KaW day was 18 real world hours or something. There was night and day in KaW, equipment you could only get at a certain time, or items you could only upgrade at a certain time....

    A challenge board where you take a job that must be completed at say 10:50 PM KaW time and you have to hit eb certain amount of times scout given player 8 times attack this guy certain times...

    KaW was really like its own world.
  5. KaW clock has been suggested before, not a bad idea all around.
  6. I swear I've seen this exact idea almost 3 years ago it's funny how the same unique ideas keep popping up again.
  7. MickeyKnocks had a nice thread put together years back. Good idea but devs are too busy coming up with new event and eq names..

    The game is not all about ur lame pve and events timer@nubs like nighthawk