Kaw classic server

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  1. Ok, so this is my first forum post even though I've played awhile so go easy, lol.

    This is a petition I'm personally making to show whether or not this idea is financially viable for ata to do so it can actually happen.

    The idea is, as the title states, for a kaw classic server I would say anywhere from the range of only ll to ll and hl or even all the way to hf.

    If because the ability to bc would be considerably less of a monetary investment than today's on going charm and furn and land to earnings ratio I suggested making it a subscription you could purchase much like some other popular games.

    So, in conclusion, if interested in this and would possibly pay said subscription please comment here to show them this is a viable business idea so that it can happen and please make any suggestions to improve this that you have.

    Thank you, sincerely 🌳
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  2. Bump need this
  3. Full support about time we resurrect warring, look at event war lb, not even 500 people warring.
  4. The current server is already running on fumes and lags every other action. This is a neat idea but highly unlikely to be implemented and will probably be graved with the countless other suggestions and ideas.
  5. Like the idea, doesn’t seem probable though I am afraid 😪
  6. Lmfao it's nobody elses fault you suck
  7. I support this. The classic game was easy to learn and play compared to the current game. I still barely understand furniture, mithril, equipment, enchantments, and phases/actions/items for the 50+ EBs.
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  8. If after a year you fail to understand the basics maybe a new game then! I hear Peppa pig world is fun to play !