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  1. Yep it's you ratchihuahua
  2. You think for yourself? Now Ella do we really want to go there? Because the last time you went down this path you got butt hurt. You were told to be civil in forums or stay out as per Stacy. Yes ?
  3. Only a halfwit would validate someone with 3 posts. Again you had to go into forums to check if I’m in forums. Again I do this .....
  4. I don’t care about you dude. The truth is. I just like changing your name to homo is all
  5. You really dont want me to make you cry again to Gus and Stacy like you have been for the past 3 weeks do you Domo ?
    Sorry if an observation on a post has caused you so much trauma Domo .... maybe go see your chemist about some cream for your swollen poop shute
  6. Three posts can tell that you're easily the biggest whiner in the history.
  7. Why do people derail threads like these for dumb things like fighting