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  1. Long ago in a kingdom full of cats(shaddup we are poor kitties using cardboard boxes), there was a king named Bobcat(crazy cat king of the west coast). He is known to carry out assassinations to rival kingdoms(I guess you can say I'm power hungry...).

    One day a old vindictive witch came to give warning about the rise of the dogs(smelly no good beasts). She even said the Great Dane might be there, so king bobcat thought about it for 11 minutes. So he sent messages to other kingdoms. All say would help unless he would sell him his charms. He said no and fend for his kingdom.

    As the dog army approaches, he ordered his feline assassins to ready up... Until he saw them either playing exploding kittens, taking cat naps, high on catnip, or looking up cat memes. The king facepalmed( because it turns out he's a horrible King) and roared at them. They all jumped up and saw the dogs coming. Armed with their blades of meowcenaries ready to strike.

    When the dogs comes close to the cat territory, they stopped and saw the squirrel climbing down the tree. They all chased it until all the dogs went straight down to the nether realm where they no longer to fight the cats but fighting the Nether King. The cats rejoiced but was short lived because the witch from earlier turns out to be the troll King ready for a battle royale (my life sucks...).

  2. I love it
  3. Took a weird turn
  4. I liked the part with the Great Dane!

    I can really relate to it :)
  5. Loved this 
  6. What the hell is this crap ?
  7. Everyday on every thread. You should have a rest or something.
  8. 
  9. You should talk. ? And yet you’re compelled to comment on my post. In order to know if I’m on every day you would need to look every day.

  10. Why can't you guys enjoy a creative story like this? Kaw forums need more people with creative minds once in a while to make others laugh
  11. Looks like I hit a nerve.
  12. I have a cat too add to the collection bob he’s all yours :D
  13. Your cat will be my captain
  14. You have to be the single most annoying and repulsive person on forums.
  15. 3 posts knows it all 
  16. Only a halfwit would judge a persons opinion by the amount of posts they’ve made. Halfwit
  17. I had the same thoughts myself
  18. I think I'm the evil dog he's referring to XD damn squirrels