KaW Birthday Event

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Chloe, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. What’s the point of an event of a BIRTHDAY event that happens once a year be less valuable than a random monthly event? No unlimited xtals? Please give 50% with unlimited there is like no difference without taking off an xtal limit. Usually people complain the Devs steal our money and yada yada so here’s permission to take our money and uncap the xtals. Without them the event will be dead. Use all my daily xtals in 2 hours and I’m done yay! It’s just a normal weekend then but maybe we make a little more money. Happy Birthday but the promo is dead.
  2. I doubt that posting this will change anything, but couldn’t this of been posted on the thread announcing it instead of posting a new forum thread? (Sorry, not trying to be rude).
  3. Just a ploy to get people to spend more money
  4. Wow, you really despise the developers and moderators of this game, don’t you?
  5. Yes
  6. I remember there was this group of fellas who had an "i" before their name and they were very popular.
    If I remember correctly the leaders name was "iJason"

    Also I remember someone popular getting married and people congratulating them on WC

    this was back in '10