Kaw Birthday/Anniversary gifts and clan enhancements Reminde

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  1. Thank you orkmaster for the support! :)
  2. Bella your suggestion was a new idea as well and not fixing all the kaw problems, its actually been a system (as far as nobs and crystals) thats worked fine for reasons I listed on your thread, you've kindly ask me not to keep posting my disagreements with your idea and I have, so respectfully do the same as you have also posted my thread multiple times already as well.

    Domo mentioned fixing problems so my suggestion to him was to make suggestions to the developers, I mean hey they are the only ones that can fix or implement anything, correct!?

    So have a lovely day/night Bella and happy kawing! :)
  3. I am not here to fix KaW problems, I am here to have optimal access to all functions within this game as it’s intended without having to double pay for it. That’s why I suggested my idea as more of a priority than yours with just offering more bonuses for anniversary achievements. I’m sorry yours wouldn’t benefit the devs like mine would in the near future. And besides, this isn’t a contest of who’s idea is better than the other. Stop making it into that. You’re supposed to be a Valiant Knight that helps other players, not reinforce your contradictory opinion that is constant derailment to the topic at hand.

    As to your idea, we already have bonuses that come from time spent within the game. I would have more if I had my old account. That’s another story. The point being, we don’t need more freebies for just having the app. You could exploit it by just logging in once a week and be “active” for the bonuses. That’s not fair to others who are active everyday. This idea is redundant and not necessary, again, for the aforementioned reasons cited by several players.
  4. First of all Bella, my comment was to Domo responding to his comment about fixing all of kaws problems

    Secondly, Im not trying to be in contest with you, your the one that keeps going off topic on my thread about your idea, and you just said above why you feel yours is more a priority? I said nothing to you about my idea on your thread, that I can recall, only commented my thoughts about your idea and why I did not agree with it. But I made my points and respectfully left your thread when you asked. Btw, in pondering your one currency thought, I did have idea on that, I will be happy to share on your thread, if you like?

    Thirdly, well I have been and I am a player just like yourself and have been for over 6 years, so I have a right to give suggestions just as much as anyone else, and stand behind it. As I said before its ultimately upto the devs if they want to implement any ideas suggested in the game and honestly its likely we wont know if they do or dont until that time comes, and it maybe possiblly a differemt version of the idea that is implemented then what someone suggested that the devs feels would work better. So Im sure the devs will take all into consideration when deciding on any suggestions given here!

    Btw, I think most know who the several players that aforementioned cited reasons are from your referring, so you repeating it over and over doesnt count for more, youve stated your reasons you dont support, thank you for your thoughts Bella happy kawing! :)
  5. Bella?
  6. no
  7. I will reiterate my OP and say that this isn’t needed because we already have achievements and bonuses for longevity within the game. We don’t need more. I’m just watching my ass because I don’t want to get banned again for going off topic..

    Going off-topic on your own thread, but oh well. That’s acceptable because you’ve got the mods in your right pocket.

    I don’t care what you post on forums, I am not a forum moderator. You can post what you want, except when it derails the topic and doesn’t violate any other Forum ToU.

    It must be nice to continually go off-topic and not be forum banned though, such privilege you have.
  8. Hey Winston don't play favorites what about this thread ...exact same thing. It's not going anywhere. Why don't you lock this one.

    Or go ahead and implement....

    I could use coupled hundred seals
  9. I think it would be a good idea if its not abused or miss used in terms of alts and other accounts also I think if its a permanent item that would be better idea but this up to all the devs :)
  10. Sooo since ata isn’t going to stand for any new ideas being discussed in the forums then this thread should be on the chop block......eh Winston?
  11. Hiya Blackheart, lol, cant do my heart emoji here! Ty, I think it would and Im open to what the gift could be, was thinking pb or gift box(Present box), but saw a idea on another thread as well that sounded good, Ive ask them to post it here as well, so hopefully they will! But I think its a nice gesture for the kaw community.
  12. Ya true and as in terms of the heart its <3 but ya we shall see :)
  13. Quoting from Page 8,

    This sentence reminds me of Project Manager and CEO! Just like a business can fail to survive due to poor team and employee management, so does a clan that can fail due to poor member management (although this may not seem so applicable due to EB's probably being the one strong factor that makes members stay.) Lack of communication should also be one factor too!

    Reading this sentence just makes me feel like challenging
    Domo to manage a failing clan I could conjure a new scenario of! (not in practical, but in theory.)

    Quoting from Page 9,

    I've been getting free Health Crystals from the game itself just by logging in once every few days to 14 days! Now that I see it, I only just need to unload, doing the 'mediocre' stuff I could always do just for more freebies offered in the Legends!

    Oddly enough, the freebies that were given to me (although I didn't really pay attention to what are those items are), still kinda excite me to stay active. I actually still took this as an incentive today!
  14. Lol, it was suppose to be Reminder, I did see that and tried to correct, Im thinking the title maybe longer than characters allowed or I just accidently left the "R" off! Sorry bout that!
  15. Stacy, why did you respond to that comment from 4 days ago made by monkey? Was it to just bring your thread to the top? *eyeroll*

    That wasn’t on-topic with the thread. Can you please stay on topic? Thanks. :)
  16. Actually its refering to the title of the thread which was expressing the topic of the thread, and if your really wanting to know why Bella, is because I was actually looking for another post and saw I had missed that post from monkey when he posted it so thought I would explain why it was a "e" at the end,as Im sure others may have wondered the same!

    Its funny though it seems your good with some of these ideas as long as its not in my thread, lol, although I thought your dont be stealing your posters comment was funny, I did think he/her had a great idea (A banner stating your bday/anniversary year that all could see, or perhaps furnishings) that would of been on topic in this thread and was worth putting here on the very topic. As Ive said I was open to what could be used for the bday/anniversary idea and thoughts and suggestions on it would be great was all.
  17. Challenging me ? You can quote any CEO handbook you can google......I really don’t care. Now that you have taken this off topic shouldn’t you be forum banned and the thread locked ?

    When is Winston going to jump on here and say something? He did on another idea thread.
  18. I don’t really care about all that. It’s a horrible idea because we already have bonuses. We don’t need more handouts. You’ve stated why you think it’s good, ok, stop repeating yourself. No new points are being made. Wonder why this has not been locked yet? @Winston, care to elaborate?
  19. *Btw, the above post was taken from thread Forum; Off-Topic Change by Original_Belladonna.

    AndromaliuStltltl, I like the kaw/anniversary idea you suggested here a yearly specific banners and/or furniture item would be awesome I think. Hope you dont mine me sharing here? Also, thinking of the more personalized aspect you mentioned, probably far fetched even, Id love to see the Avatars (original banners you see on profile page) before furnishings came out become actual people avatars, that you could choose male or female, and maybe have several to choose from, maybe you could see in your castle (furnishings room) wearing the equipment you have equipped. Lol, thats probably a major task but it still would be nice!