Kaw Birthday/Anniversary gifts and clan enhancements Reminde

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  1. Unless its your new idea??

    Again, as I stated above, Im sure the developers will take all into consideration, Thank you for your thoughts! :)
  2. They’ve already disregarded my idea. Nice try at being argumentative though, you failed miserably. :)
  3. Thank you for support Amber and congrats on your kaw time, I'm at 6 years myself, lol and remember too the building process of low lands and high lands, good times!!:)
  4. While we’re at it, we may as well go all out!

    After a player hasn’t upgraded for a little while, we get to watch a 30 second video to unlock our next cheapest upgrade or land. All the cool games are doing it...
  5. Fully support great idea Stacy 
  6. Wasn’t this suggested multiple times and ATA decided to ignore it? With the way the game’s going maybe they’ll have a change of heart. Support.

  7. Possibly so Lmabao, I dont recall a post regarding a Kaw Anniversary, I definitely know there has been on the 2 different clan enhancements I mentioned as kinda felt good time to bring those back up as a reminder!

    Thank you as well Teddy for support! :)

  8. Think you missed my point Belladonna, but will quote you as it may sound familiar:

    Support if you’d like to see this implemented. I know KaW has a lot on their plate and this is minor, but sometimes it’s the little things that make the gameplay a little better. :)

    Btw, I agree with your statement there and my suggestion is just that and hopefully others will support as well! :)
  9. Bella & Domo

    Stay on topic like it has been, if you haven’t noticed the posts not retaining to the topic have been removed. When I said it was the last time I was saying that I meant it. It’s not good to assume things since majority of those that assume are wrong, don’t fall into the statistic.

    I don’t feel locking threads is productive as long as it remains on topic. I rather see it cleaned up and positive ongoing than someone trying to do positive and people ruining what other players are trying to do for the better and seeing it locked away.

    I’m looking at forums differently and in a positive light that’s why it’s not been locked due to people feeding a sour taste rather than something sweet that all can enjoy, just got rid of the sour taste.
  10. Bella you are an idiot that this free xtals are handout. This actually help retain returning players and new players. Those casual players that running small EB get a lot of help stay in the game by not failing EB. This free xtals saves their EB and they continued being active. This game must retain a certain numbers of players or else will be removed by Apple and Google. Your trolling is stupid.
  11. see ...its all YOUR fault Bella
  12. Ok for a bit of a recap, I made 3 suggestions yesterday but my main focus was on a Kaw Birthday/Anniversary gift!

    So wanted to repost, of course on the Kaw Birthday/Anniversary I did give examples and wouldnt have to be just that but I think a plunder bonus in it even if for a limited time (maybe longer than the chest or br bonuses) could be a nice gesture. Also NHL, I believe it was mentioned a special equipment and in turn I thought possibly a special furnishing, or even a gift box (that has the option of multiple random rare gifts) that could be dropped with your achievement!

    Anyways just wanted to recap and bring this back to the table today in hopes that others can have a look on it.

    Just a side note, as thinking on those like Ambermoon that are at 7&8 years playing now, I think a good 10 year gift would be a cool APE pet furnishing!! It would keep it rare and special over all! Lol, but thats just my thoughts! :) Hope the Kaw Community has a very WONDERFUL WEEKEND! TGIF for me!!
  13. Has this been suggested before by any chance? To essentially “ignore” offensive pots (if you have any) in lowland war. As in if you have 500 or any amount of every attack and spy attack pot, it won’t show up in the attack or spy attack interface. This would save some time/worry/hassle every time you do lowland war so you don’t have to sell/rebuy every time pretty much.
  14. The only bonuses you should get from being old are the mystical bracelet, bracers, etc.
  15. Hi Family, Im not sure about that, maybe someone more familiar with the war aspect can answer it for you though! :)
  16. That actually a good idea and I think it was brought up before, only thing I see keeping it from happening is all attack sequences in game whether pvp or pve it activates the items page when attacking so this would be a tricky addition for it to only not activate for a player in war. But I do think this would benefit those that do war even like myself to not have to sell pots when doing llwars.
  17. Hello there, Stacy_P! For someone who has went for a 6-month hiatus, feel free to see my opinion as invalid if you wish to, as I haven't grasped the full picture of the current Kaw world, but here is my opinion!

    Birthday gifts are actually wonderful and gives a positive gesture to Kaw players.If you are however, suggesting a plunder bonus that's permanent, I have mixed opinions about this.

    Suppose a player plays Kingdoms At War for over 2 years, he gets a permanent 10% plunder bonus and a regular chest. The
    pros is that this particular player will enjoy his lifetime entitlement of 110% plunder instead of the standard 100. The negatives of this is that it can make this particular player look like he's in a whole new kind of league, which can possibly drive him to act as if "I can earn faster than you!" to the players who have the exact same kingdom stats with him, but didn't play for more than a year.

    And this might possibly affect wars too. Him getting a 10% permanent plunder advantage would mean that, this 10% can actually determine the winner of the war-team if either team loses just by a super narrow margin, like 1 hit away from catching up with the other team's overall plunder.

    How would you see it, if this kind of gift of permanent plunder bonus was being implemented, Stacy?

    So in summary, my opinion in giving plunder bonuses is a double-edged sword. Unless that plunder bonus is temporary, I will fully support it. Also, chests and other items aside like circles, I fully support the birthday gift!

    With that, I am also highly interested on Titan_God's opinion to my opinion. If he supports the permanent plunder bonus, I'll be shocked!
  18. Actually you are wrong. Like really wrong. This is a pretty good idea. Adding plunder bonus to a badge isn’t really a free handout. That just makes sense. Someone who’s player 5+ years I think deserves some plunder bonus, don’t you?

    Also why do people have to run the new VK’s down in the dirt. Just because we didn’t want you posting garbage in forums doesn’t mean you should bash others for decent posts, Bella.
  19. Hi Sean, very glad to see you back playing! I think your opinion is very valid and as far as your question about the pb being perm. Those were examples I had given as possibility. But maybe the pb would need to start smaller, even as much as 1%_ with 1year badge, 2% with 2year badge and so forth. I would say as badge changes each year the % that is with that badge would be only pb for Bday/Anniversary, in other words would not stack or be in addition to previous year Anniversary badges. That could be one possibility! Another one I mentioned could be a temporary pb as well, if temporary Id say for it to be 10%+ though based on year Anniversary and should maybe come in form of chest to be opened when player ready, and would last longer say like a week or so maybe!

    As far as how it would affect in war, Im notsure exactly. Do br bonus, gold chest pb, fate chest pb, and all that affect war plunder already? If so, then would probably work the same, but all that are actively playing would get Anniversary pb so it would still be fair in that sense, if that makes sense. If it would affect wars negatively, then maybe other gift options would be better, but think something would be nice gesture!
  20. I would like cake, champagne and a prezzie box with a mixture of things...crux, circles, SoD, maybe a small plunder boost for 24 hours 