Kaw Birthday/Anniversary gifts and clan enhancements Reminde

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  1. Hello all, I would like to suggest to developers about Kaw giving kaw birthday/anniversary gifts?
    Ex: On your:
    1 year- 1 year anniversary badge, 5% plunder bonus.
    2 years- Achievement badge, w/10% plunder bonus and a regular chest.
    3 years- Achievement badge w/10% plunder bonus, 1 reg chest, 1 gold chest,
    4 years- Achievement badge w/10% pb, reg chest, gold chest, 50 circles,
    5 years- Achievement badge, w/10%, 1 gold chest, 1 reg chest and a seal

    etc....as reach those milestone years, could increase plunder bonus, and of course add item gifts!

    Idk, everyone likes to be recognized and the gifts would be a nice addition, as lands and builds are more expensive so all help in achieving building goals would hopefully be appreciated.

    On another topic that I will throw on here as I know its been mentioned before but just as a reminder there are a couple clan enhancement that would be very helpful imo:

    Admins that can see who is applying to clans being able to see in newsfeed also the admin that accepts or rejects the person that applied.

    And lastly, if the Warlord and WarChiefs could see some type of activity of members in clan roaster, it is very hard sometimes to keep up with members activity as it stands as you either have to search through eb history or try to keep up with their successful atks and so forth. Im notsure the best avenue in doing this, weither it be as simple as a green arrow showing their successful atks increased, or something showing the last time someone was on acct.

    Anyways, hope others will put their thoughts as I think community support may help some of these enhancements to be implemented in some way!

    Thanks and have fun! :)


    For the sake of not going off topic, please feel free to add any other clan or over all game enchancements you feel may compliment game play!!

    Something I think would be nice for atking, assn, scouts and steals for epic battles would be to have the ability to hold down attack button (repeat action) and it realise troops or spys, so your not having to tap tap tap, kinda like the dismantle buttons! (Notsure it would be good for war or pvp for obvious reasons)! What ya'll think?
  2. We definitely need an activity checker for admins/owners.. it’s been suggested many, many times. to me just makes sense to implement.

    The yearly bonuses are not bad, but I would say just some extra crystals would be cool. I know it’s not as cool as plunder bonuses or chests, and devs already like to give em away like hot cakes nowadays. But hey why not more for the experienced players?

    What I would really want is some equipment , and achievements in general that have plunder bonuses.... I’m kinda out of touch but I’m not aware of anything that gives permanent plunder bonuses??
  3. @Caedis we do receive a small stats % bonus but no plunder bonus for your kaw anniversary achievements it looks like!
  4. A type of equipment would possibly be cool as well, didnt think of that, or perhaps furnishings maybe, thanks for input! :)
  5. Big support for improving the clan/admin interface.

    Been many suggestions on making it easier before.

    An oldie but goodie - a wall all members feature would be nice

    But I agree some form of clan activity matrix would be great - say be able to see actions by type by target over time. Columns for actions today, this week, this month, lifetime. “Type of target” could be EB, PvP, Quest. Could add even more filters for the obsessive amongst us, gold earnt for example.
  6. Lol, yes would love the wall all clan members feature, or even if it just made it a notification to all clan members that push through but could limit how many each person can do daily and only the higher admins have that ability, like Commanders and up! So that it would limit abuse and being irritating to clan members, of course could always have opt out button as well!
  7. No support. The KaWmunity has expected handouts and that’s all this has turned into. At least my idea to take away free crystals to force purchases was a good idea, at least to some, including the devs. Then in turn, allowing us to transfer our purchased nobs and crystals to the other. They won’t focus on other things, but you expect more free handouts? Come on now, that’s not so valiant of you, Stacy.
  8. Actually for as long as I’ve been on here playing ... it’s NOT a free handout. There’s nothing wrong with a token of appreciation for staying and playing their game for as much time as some people have on here.
  9. I’m actually workin right now lol seems you need the employment and perhaps if you’re not on topic on this thread you can be given the time to find one.
  10. Let’s stay on topic, last time I’m saying it.

    Nothing wrong with rewarding players and as for the clan additions I got a few I posted and was included in Mooses clan thread. I may revisit that here...

    Clan armory was my suggestion. Since we get equip for player strength additions why not do it for clans for clan strength, not just the clan unlock %’s.

    This could also help bring clan loyalty by having things to help build the home clan. I’ll get more detailed info off the thread later and post here.
  11. Yes this idea is being used by most games. Also most games gives gifts to returning players
  12. We still, kind of, have a not yet working gifting system.
  13. I disagree, and as you saw what I suggested was just examples, they wouldnt necessarily have to use seals, circles, per say, but even having a special equipment or furnishings! People like being recognized and kaw rewarding a player for longevity in the game is a nice gesture. Also, even using seals or circles once a year I dont think is going to take away from those that purchase nobs to buy these items! Another thought could be a gift box that you open that could have only nicer gifts in from seals, circles, rare furnishings or equipment. Anyways, I think its worth consideration of the developers! :)
  14. Titan I dont remember seeing this before but it sounds like a good idea, I'm for anything promoting clan loyality, so Im interested in seeing the other details of this!

    I also liked the idea of like a clan vault that had been suggested sometime back, and is where I think when items like seals, horns, compasses drops from ebs could drop too as is clan effort to complete. So would make it a clan reward that admins could use to run these ebs for clan and not have to worry about items dropping to individual thats not going to stick around and use in clan!
  15. Stacy, sending out free crystals to return to the game when you’ve been gone for 24 hours or more is called a handout and reward. I think other mechanics of the game need to be finished or worked on before more handouts or rewards are given or even considered. The war system is still screwed up, charm imbalance is still an issue, trading with players has the glitch of not being able to open the item when clicked on still, gifting is unavailable, still. Fix what’s broken first and then focus on adding new features such as handouts for longevity within the game. The achievement itself should be reward enough, but they were nice and added a little bonus. Now you want more bonuses added? That’s insane and it’s called entitlement.
  16. Lol, so defensive!! I'm not saying anything about the things/issues you mentioned above, but dont mean other things cant be suggested and considered as improvements to the game and/or kaw community! But thank you for sharing your thoughts on it, I'm sure the devs will take all into consideration! :)
  17. First of all Stacy thank you for your suggestions! I have played for 7 years on this account and 8 years on my main....I am not opposed to a once a year “entitlement/handout” on my anniversary date. I’ve been playing well before folks were given lands already unlocked, epic battles and silver bars for growth. I think it would be nice to receive a small token of recognition as a reward for my loyalty to the game.
  18. Who is defensive? Surely not I. You wanted thoughts, I gave you thoughts. Just because you don’t agree with them, doesn’t mean someone is being hostile. And you’re supposed to be a valiant knight. 

    Anyways. My OP stands strong as a counter to your worthless suggestion. Might I suggest you incite people to fix things as opposed to flooding it with utter “new” crap? ;)
  19. Idea sucks ...NO SUPPORT
  20. Stacey’s point are valid and not a worthless suggestion, cause if it was then so would everyone’s including your own suggestions as who is one here to judge on suggestions. Why don’t you incite people to fix things since it’s apparently a a fly swaying on your ideas of how things should be, you got access to the ticket system so send your suggestions to them. Won’t do no good just being negative in forums about things, try being a positive force for what you think would be better and do something about it by taking the action yourself on your thoughts than expecting it of others... which is a crying shame to see the attitudes about what’s going on in kaw but really no push with hard work by anyone with those attitudes.

    Devs do read forums, they do really take into consideration what the players are talking about, just cause something someone wants doesn’t happen right away or even at all players get too butthurt. If something doesn’t happen it’s for a reason if it’s not right away it’s for a reason... so it seems to me your entitlement statement covers a lot of attitudes in kaw which well, who’s entitled to anything?

    Stacey, I’ll pull my post on what I mentioned and pm you, take a gander and if you like I’ll post here for others to look at and weigh their opinions. :)