~KaW art competition~

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  1. If u still need more judges I would be glad to judge
  2. An update on the event signups/categories and whom are judges will be tomorrow.
  3. I'm on hold until I understand option 3 I have KaW items in mind and weapons and ppl The time frames rarely allow for sculpting
  4. We need more people voting, it was less than poor with the amount of people viewing to voting.
  5. Boo me want to design a new wolf item so I can wear it while riding my battle wolf, into battle against the forces of aj !
  6. This will get lock if you keep bumping.....
  7. Lol
  8. I hope this gets lots of support
  9. I present the Shields of Showing Off

    You gain 0 ATK/DEF/SPATK/SPDEF

    But you get 5 for style.
  10. Nice job eve
  11. Can I apply to more than one section?
  12. I see a flaming pokèball, must be new...
  13. Is it too late to join this? :)
  14. Hello all. I've been slacking lately. I apologize for this. I'm extending sign ups for a other week.
  15. Ya its clear we can't draw better than the apes.
  16. #2

    Back off the everyone. I've won.
  17.  im done