Kaw App should be able to log in with different a account

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by DanDokanja, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. I doubt Chaos would be claiming it's ok in forums if it wasn't 

     = 

  2. Hey Word drop off those "10" seals then drop build and delete app ..i won lol :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. People didn't know about this?
  4. lol that's what I'm saying ...those "2" SS I posted are from 1.5 years ago & it was ok to do for maybe a year before that 

    ...like I stated before that business with Puffin and banned accts was like 2-3 years ago
  5. I still dont see why we cant just log in and out accounts at will from phone, u can on pc
  6. I stand corrected the SS are right at a year ...but like I said the business with banned accts and then getting unbanned was 2-3 years ago

  7. So multiple accounts are ok now on one device? Im still confused lol
  8. ...something about it being to easy to exploit or some crap like that. I agree though lol we should be able to have more than ->"1"<- acct per phone (not per browser) not an unlimited amount but more then one
  9. If you're using a different browser per acct ...yo man just download Puffin you'll see lol ...is free :)
  10. When I DL puffin on droid and go to kaw it says I have to get it from ap store. It wont let me just log in like on pc
  11. hmmm idk what to say I got 2 Android devices that both have Puffin on. Mine work fine?
  12. ...uhh might be this but idk but 1st logon to Facebook acct then open 2nd window on Puffin then download "Kingdoms at War Play" make sure it's to the link that has "play" on the end. Pretty sure that'll work for you 
  13. Hopefully you have a phone with a big screen 5.5 or bigger ..anything smaller and it makes it hard to use Puffin on a phone. Great for tablets though.
  14. Says I need flash player, when I DL flash player to phone says cannot open file
  15. todd...are you drunk? for the SECOND time i am going to ask you: "when did i say that you couldn't have multiple pc accounts, todd?"

    i didn't say multiple pc accounts are not allowed. because multiple pc accounts are allowed.

    what i said was that the "one account per browser" limitation isn't mentioned in the tou.
  16. because i have never applied, nor will i ever apply, for the job.
  17. You're pathetic ...really are you so desperate to win any argument at any cost? Stop being so delusional. ...maybe get some help.

    Read what I posted ...im not talking about PC. neither was Chaos or Rio in those SS from a year ago we all taking about playing mult accts on mobile devices...

    ...you can not have a rooted or jailbroken phone and have the KAW app more then once in your phone. You can however play mult accts through different browsers. I can't make it any more clear then that. If you don't understand go take a computer fundamentals class. Sign up for Gold's Gym while you're at it.
  18. I'd say 3/4 accounts max. Reason is because the ally market sucks for finding lower priced active or near active players. Though as player with 6 Alts I might be saying this 
  19. In browser enter kingdomsatwar.com/play,logon with appropriate link.
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