KaW 101 (Info for noobs)

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  1. Hope not  Ik there are other threads like this, but you really have to dig for them
  2. Very nice fart ;)

    I don't see anything wrong :D
    And yes. I read it.

    You think you could make a TL:DR, version? Lol.

    But, very nice :p
  3. I only skimmed too. although considering you're still way new. I wouldn't think everything you posted was legit.

    nice try though. but we already have several thorough complete guides. I would at least get rid of the EB information. there's already a very popular and complete EB information base that's available now.
  4. I read all of it. It's not bad. Just break it up a bit.
  5. it's rough on an idevice to read
  6. Read most. Only thing I notice was clans can have an official co owner. The co owner is just an admin. Unless owner gives them the owner ability they only have normal admin privs

    Nice thread
  7. Nice one farts, lots of good info in there for beginners 

    Well done 
  8. On WC don't you get 5 speaker items a day? It says three.
  9. Thanks guys :) I will update soon, if anyone is still interested.
  10. Wow,

    Quite impressed actually :) i thought this was gonna be a noob guide as usual, but this turned out to be great!

    For your update, add this link to your Alchemist section :) Spell Guide Info
  11. Way to copy name of my stickied guide...
  12. @slayer bob

    Thanks! Will do.