Justice for MALE!

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  1. Woman wanted equality between man and women, but this is too much!
    Women get better work than man nowadays, government has funded women to make their own business ! But men? None!
    Justice for men! Women can't slapped by cane but man can! This is injustice !
    Women need to be slapped by cane like random male!
    Tell us all the injustice!
    #Justice for MaleKind!
  2. Tell RINUS about this.... He's not a man either
  3. What a weird sight to witness when the non-oppressed complain that the oppressed are gaining opportunities for advancement...

    So if the women don't get slapped by cane what do they get as a punishment?
  4. Nothing
  5.  Who gets slapped by random canes and where ?

    Equality. Look at pay brackets for same jobs women earn less.
    So many arguments for both sides for this debate. But this thread warrants so little response.
    Though I would like to know are you complaining women don't get hit with a cane? Or that men do? And in what context. Work, school, authorities or other and which nation as its not allowed here so the context without appropriate comments is hard to follow.
  6. Hmm, Singapore?
  7. And this is what happens when ppl like OP drink and KAW, get bored, and head to forums to make a thread
    Edit: women are all attractive in some way, and it's a male ruled workforce. Men are attracted to beauty of the female, not the competive male, knuckle dragging monkeys that will interfere with his opportunity of "spoiling" this newly hired, at a good salary, female. Get over it and crawl back under your rock now.
  8. Translation needed! Though I'm doubtful the translation will offer anything more insightful than this gibberish :lol:
  9. I think the only species on the planet where males are not the predominant member are arachnids
  10. I know plenty of women that like being slapped by a cane....

    But then I have to pay for it...

  11. Tell that to the praying mantis.
  12. Statistics are actually showing more women employed and they have know taken the role of bread earners in family. Fact.do not cane them though. We now really just need the whole who gets the kid and child support laws changed. The way this happened was companies said I pay this guy 50k a year to perform said work. I can hire this lady at 40k a year that was Makin 30 k a year . So she's happy with the raise but underpaid in the position. The company then saves financially, and depending on the number of employees they have this can be huge. So overall families as a whole are Makin less money and corporations are Makin record profits all this happened during the people's depression and the corporations rise in profits. But no cane needed . Unless you wanna cane some ceos and law makers. I'm all for that.
  13. Support! Slap them with cane.
  14. Well actually I would say neither gender is really dominant. There are many issues for women AND men in the first world. Gender roles, stereotypes, etc plays into your argument of hitting women. The role of the man is to be "dominant" and "strong" which is why we can't hit women because they are "weak" and "submissive". Women feel the pain of gender stereotypes/roles too. However the gap in the last few decades of inequality have greatly decreased.

    It's a whole different story in the 3rd world. In many 3rd world countries, Women are treated way below men. The stuff you'd hear from 500 years ago happens there.
  15. Op should be steralised to stop it breeding another moron.

    Jeez where do they come from?
  16. Ahhhh the ole' reverse racism
  17. I have a thread open discussing this issue indirectly.
  18. /lock. I type it when I was drunk. Sorry