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  1. 1. How come the max you get from being hired is still 1m? By now shouldn’t it change to at least a little higher?

    2. We can already see there is a ZTA tier 2, when is that gonna come out? Edit: Found out it was event eb. But new point is this, HTE is too easy to kill now. For 6$ we get a super short eb... maybe we can tweak it a little?

    3. Gifting, which has been saying “coming soon” has been coming soon for like 2 years now.

    4. Why do devs keep the legend max at 50k (usually). Most people complete all the legends by the first weekend with NK.

    5. Add what else is on your mind too in the comments!
  2. No, done, never, lazy!! 

  3. I edited the post, thanks!
  4. I never reach 50k you fairy! No more tiers I’ll fall too far behind 
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  5. I agree with legend max being the way it is
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  6. 1. Need Inventory cleanup like mad
    2. Can devs PLEASE bring back buying xtals with tokens?
    3. Can we also get a new update on Quests. If we arent gonna redo Att Quests, why not bring in Spy Quests? Rewards could issue xtals, tokens or crestplates.
    4. I dont war, but I hate seeing that side of KaW being pushed aside for all this crap going on with events and furniture ug non-sense. Needs more focus. Summer wars was a prime example they cared more about pushing this furniture buff than about doing the war.
    5. Fix the STUPID DROP DOWN BANNER. Im so sick of seeing the damn thing and it covers my bars to unload. Wasted coding imo.
    6. I should not be getting only one xtal rewards for dropping 5..its ludicrous and the dev that thought that one up needs a swift kick in the ass for it. I'm sure more will agree.
    7. Repetition IS NOT FUN!!!
  7. PERIOD.
  8. Why does inferno cost gold but aqua cost xstals..
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  9. Why does anything cost crystals? Who pays in Crystals? It’s just a subtle way to get you to spend more irl money.
  10. Aqua used to be rare since it was used for higher level eq enchants. Costing xtals probably deincentivised buying it unless you needed *just* one more aqua to level up that eq.

    Still think its cost needs to be adapted to modern day though
  11. Agreed. Problem is now, to what? - You can get these bought with trader tokens, which you can get from boxes (free ones especially). Id suggest removing the option to purchase it (with xtals etc), keeping the ability to purchase with trader tokens + the drops from EBs (and NKs can drop alot of this, as an example)

    1) I guess it could be higher? but I could also see potential exploits in this. Hiring till new cap (if its high enough) giving them much more free gold essentially. Raising the cap would be nice, but not heavily.

    2) Already answered, but I would like to see something new. I did like the new diabolical, it paid very nice compared to the cost of opening it. With the new lands being a massive amount of gold to open, plus the last 2 lands requiring gold to upgrade, it would be nice to see a new premium EB (or 2). One to replace TNK (or something higher in revenue etc, that comes out on the weekend, or special events only) & one to replace ZTA (available 24/7).

    3) I remember Winston saying in WC one day that this idea won't be coming (or anytime soon, correct me if im wrong tho). I had an idea for this, which I feel might be a cool idea to see, if this was to ever be added. (I was going to make a separate post, but I will post it here).

    There could be 2 separate boxes available, a 2x "daily free ones" & a "paid" box.

    - The daily free box could be like the event freebie box, containing event items (from the current event), upgrade mats (which would be nice due the changes in furniture recently), with the "rare chance" of getting circles / seal(s) as its best item. To avoid exploiting & farming, none of the items can be tradable, you can only open 2 boxes a day (reset's at midday pst), you can only gift 2 boxes a day (reset's at midday pst) & you cannot gift more than 1 (or 2) boxes to the same person until a week has gone past (or until the next event). This also means you can send boxes to more people too.

    - You could also have a "paid" box, like a normal royal chest. Containing more items & the same items as above, but could also include furniture from that event. It would cost the sender ~10-15 nobility points (like a normal key) to send, where as the receiver wouldn't pay anything to open it.

    4) They did have a legend recently at 100k, and I noticed a balanced mix of reviews. Event chasers (like myself) would like to see higher tiers appear (100k / 200k), which may get people more active on KaW, but I feel not everyone would be happy with this.

    why so much magenta? :eek:

    1) Support
    2) I can see why they was removed, was easy to get alot of these crystals. but the legends do give out a nice number of crystals. It could potentially be brought back, but the amount of trader tokens would need to go up.. I don't see this appearing again tbh.
    6) Not everyone can see that, technically, you arent using any crystals that you got from rewards. On Wednesday, when the new event dropped, everyone got 3 crystals. You need 2 more to complete the legend, yes, and then get 1 in return, so you technically only use 1. However, everyone received 5 on Friday, meaning you received more from the game than any rewards used overtime. Plus, this opens the rest of the legend to complete.
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  12. I lurves Magenta tyvm lol. I do see what you're saying on that last point. I however dont come in to KaW looking for free xtals so I tend to forget we get them. So yeah I do see where the math starts to add up whereas I'm not really technically losing more than I'm gaining. Side Note: They're Minezees, so I shouldn't has to use em gibby :lol: *moonface*
  13. Also made a post about this "improving kaw" about 2 days ago
  14. idk, I figured it'd be gold like you can buy inferno with. Maybe twice the infeno cost?
  15. Most do not make 50k in the first weekend on nk's. Most do not hit enough nk's over entire events to make 50k, I'd really be surprised if most make it to 50k each event.
  16. Maybe ~10b each, keeping inferno @ 7.5b each. Though, I do feel this is fairly cheap in today's running, and when all the players grow more, it'll be easier to get with gold, which is why I feel getting them with chests / tokens would be a fair solution for all.
  17. It is pretty cheap, but buying 30/day isn't that high/isn't very abusable no matter the cost. It's just a little extra if you have the diligence to remember to buy it daily, or lets you just get that last lv9 --> 10 upgrade if you run out of elements