Just another event improvements thread!!

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  2. personally I feel like the sb rewards being increased again would be beneficial but doubling them wouldn't be the right move. Smalls can easily get 2k sb so easily now which is 4.5t which is a huge amount of gold for them. I would like to see a bit of an increase in rewards overall but perhaps an increase in xtals, aqua or inferno in smaller tiers to help them max their equipment easier which helps them push for bigger ebs.

    I would love to see PvP have better rewards because lets be honest the majority of larger players don't bother with it anymore as they can earn more from ebs in the same time frame so only really do it if they really enjoy the blitz. Don't really need specific equipment or anything like that purely for PvP unless they decide to bring back the 2 week events purely for PvP.

    I personally also want to see no matches rewarded in some way as you can't really exploit a no match any more than you can exploit the system with ffa war clans. Scale eb rewards from TVP in relation to number of hits done on it up to a max of 200 war and eb items. Would stop people trying to only hit the bare minimum while others struggle to complete it as well.

    My last thing I want to address is that personally I think events should be more varied as a whole as they are pretty much copy and paste right now which isn't a bad thing IF they can at least create a few different event styles and mix it up a bit more.
  3. I do agree with increasing sb rewards around 30% should be good for while. Also, PvP event giving sb as reward will be amazing and hope to see it happen.
  4. Brilliant idea I mean why not...I think during events we should have a chance to gain drops, for daily log in for each day of the event. in a random chest that we open (500 minimum, 750, 1000, 1500, 1750, 2000 maximum) lots of people do struggle tbh...
  5. I personally would go for fully offensive equip Kezzer, equip helps a bit in osw but PvP tailored equip that's 100% offensive AND gives a PvP plunder boost (up to 20%?) would be a huge incentive to do the blitzes
  6. Its tempting to support OP. Only think bout ally market and the crazy prices we have now. I think that won't get better with OP's proposal.
  7. even if they could gather all hit made each day by each player, and covert each hit to 1 event drop so say one account hit 3k times in one day the log in bonus would be 3k in event drop 
  8. .... That just won't happen.
  9. Fully support great idea as now prizes seem small compared to upgrade prices and so many new tiered building levels definitely would give more incentive to aim for higher prize tiers
  10. If this actually gets implemented imma be triggered. Legitly
  11. A suggestion i would like to make for future events or even the next one in this series is , if u reach top 10 on eb/war side u can choose the eq u get from your rewards out of the available eq as a bonus for reaching the highest tier its really dissapointing reaching top 10 and getting a ring rather than a offhand or a better piece
  12. Support

    The biggest thing about this game that would keep the continued growth is the growth of the newer members. The gap right now is to massive and the thought of new members to get even close to HFBC let alone the new tiers ugs is daunting and honestly discouraging.

    Doubling the sbs would allow the smaller builds the ablility to get closer to ugs and bc and help cover the gap in cs.
  13. Support.. but increasing sb rewards should be on a diminishing rate as rewards goes into a higher tier.. already suffering inflation in allies prices and don't want that to be the case again in a month or two
  14. Just another thread the devs will ignore
  15. Going from 2k to 3k isn't easy for players who can not 24/7 the game.
    To get 2700 and get the 2k reward bites, when I learnt the rithmatix in kiddergarden it was pounded in my little brain to round up that number.