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  1. This sad troll actually spammed my wall, seriously? You don't get enough attention from forums so you start posting on people's walls? Lmfao
  2. Sad day friends, when they can not even qoute me correctly, instead they resort to editing my words. Now with that said, No one mentioned "Maggalo" that's a combination of Juggalo & Maggot obivsously.

    Is anyone here confused about the difference between Slipknot & Icp? They are two completely different genres of music, stand for two completely different things & generally have separate fans. Anyone, that has to resort so low as to editing, a legitimate response to make a sad effort at a point is obivsously Butthurt.

    Point made, would any of you haters like to show us on the doll where that clown from your birthday party touched you? Go ahead this is a safe place ;). No one will judge you for being afraid of clowns here.

    However the sheer volume of stupidity, that is something we can't over look.
  3. Cant see you talk anything about juggalos(topic).you guys felt you needed a thread so let us now see what you guys talk about.so far nothing?.consert memories,fanclub,meetings,best clown makeup,(i am seriouse).
    If i hadnt been i would have asked.best meth you had,cheapest,largest methlab you seen and so on.

  4. See, you came onto this thread & disturbed the peace. No where does anything say we have to strictly talk about being a Juggalo, technically me defending my point is still on topic. While people try desperately to troll & derail the point.
  5. Disturbed the peace?its a forum and made for ppl to talk.your point still on topic,what is your point?all you say is juggalos are not meth heads over and over again.dont have to strictly talk about being a juggalo?there is no talk about being a juggalo NOTHING!!!.so you dont want to talk about beeing a juggalo,memories,concerts.then i just ask

    Best meth you had?
    Biggest meth lab you seen?
    How much you take every day?
    What does it cost you or do you make your own?
  6. Yes, disturbing the peace. Do you have anything on the topic to say? Aside from "You guys aren't dicussing the topics I feel is appropriate". Granted I didn't create this thread, there is no exact spefic thing that is required to be dicussed here.

    Not all of us choose to dicuss "Which brand of makeup we believe is the best." Coming in & offering criticism in the form of "why are these topics being discussed" is disturbing the piece in it's own way.

    You are correct, this is a public thread & no one has denied your right to post. Coming in & trying to push your idea of what we should be talking about is nearly as bad as the attempts at derailing the actual thread. (Granted credit where credit is due you actually put effort into your statement verses the sad vile being used in a effort to troll".

    Lastly, why do I believe your disturbing the peace? How many of us do you see jumping on other threads trying to offer the same form of criticism your offering? We don't go off trolling threads in a sad effort to get attention or feel valid like other people that posted here. At the end of the day, we do as we please,
  7. Well i see your mouth yapping alot on many threads and you are truely a real clown.you got offended cause i was curious about what conserts you been at or if you are in a fanclub.so defensive,whats up with that?
    Relax(probably not easy on meth) bet there is some girls out there with a clown fetish also and if lucky they share you interest in meth.
  8. Ooooh i forgot Woooop wooooop
    As its such a wild and crazy thread
  9. Amusing, here comes the meth thing again. Oddly enough, im happily married. If your actual intention was to ask about a concert. Why not directly come out and ask? In place of the criticism about how we're not discussing the topics YOU layed out above.

    So question, are you a Christian? If that awnser is yes. Do you feel the need to dicuss it at the whim of someone else? Or do you believe you have the freedom of speech & a mind that allows an interest in other things?

    Do I eat, sleep, breathe Juggalo? Honestly no, I have a mind & will never blindly follow anything to the point it consumes me & all that I am. Your first post on this thread, was mearly critisim, then you go on the attack when called out on it.

    Generally, when you have a question. It goes along these lines. "Just curious, do you have a specific brand of makeup?" " Is it hyopallergenic ?". Verses what you have stated. That inturn would provoke a legitimate response. In my case "Honestly, no I do not have a personally preferred brand." "I have friends that do the art work for me & I reimburse them for that they spent".

    That is a great example of Q&A.
  10. I did ask a question about conserts,fan club etc and you got all upset and defensive.if you dont want to answer then just dont comment then?it was not a personal question directed to you,so if you dont want to share anything thats fine,but why even make a comment that you dont want to?maybe there is others that want to share?you didnt even make the thread but now you speak for all fans?make no sense,why even respond to my question if you dont want share anything.ok so now we know YOU dont wanna share any memories,cant recall i said "batdog you have to share your memories,talk about fanclubs etc".you really are messed up
  11. Batflog is nothing but a poo stain.
  12. This has to be one of my all time favourite kaw threads. I have to admit I love the clown pics but then I'm a fan of black metal so it's not much of an extension of that.

    For what it's worth, which is not a lot, I bought The Great Milenko album when it came out and I loved it :) never got into it more than that though. It was a fun diversion from black/death metal.
  14. U r all friggin geys

  16. Ain't nuthin wrong with a little man on man love.

  19. Woop woop lol

  20. ...well Ild say you're more then just "curious"

    iPhone X

    Youur threads suck too (lol) they're basically lady K threads with better pics