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  1. That being said, quit trying to generalize our family based around the bad actions of a few. Not every black man is on welfare just as not every white man is trailer trash. Saying that one set group is bad based around the actions of a few is a form of racism.
  2. That's the dumbest thing I've ever fudging read. Juggalo isn't a race. *Facepalm*
  3. ...what about this chick? You'll never catch her sucking on a glass pipe 4am huh?? :lol:


  4. You filthy drug addict, I listen to Johan Sebastion Bach, Muzio Clementi, Tchaikovsky and the such ...go to the symphony if anyone is missing "teefs" they've got dentures and you can't tell. You sewer mutants would rather buy meth then fake "teefs".

  5. Wow, you call us idiots but can't read properly. My statement was "a form of racism". I never directly said it was, again quit trying to generalize us all as a whole & not all of us are bad people. I could easily say anyone with the name "Todd" or with "Todd" in there in game name is a complete idiot. However statistically speaking, it's incorrect.

    That being said, posting only negative pictures & accusing people you don't know things is pure Idiocracy. For all you know, there could Juggalos & Juggalettes around you at any time.

    We are not a cult, not a gang, nor meth heads. We a organization that proudly refer to ourselves as family. I know no matter where I am, I have family that has my back. That is a feeling more then worth enduring the negative sterotyping.

    Hey, this is crazy. Im a Juggalo & your hate doesn't phase me. Final words to you my dear idiot.

  6. Also, I do enjoy classical music as well. Difference between us is, im not an idiot spam trolling a thread where I don't belong.
  7. You rep the JRB and you will NEVA SWITCH

  8. lol you're the idiot ..."a form of racism"?  it's either racism or it isn't you moron  and it's not lol. There are other terms that are somewhat synonymous with "racism" that would be more appropiate to the context, like "prejudice" or "bigotry". Having said that I am highly prejudice against stupid drug addicts such as you and your 21 yo wife. 

    Stop doing meth and git yo teefs fixed ...you and your clown wife
  9. Hey does clown girl KAW? Tell her PM me yo lol

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    iPhone X
  10. Todd.. did you actually buy an iPhone X? Or you revised your iPhone X signature to feel up to date?

    I’m just genuinely curious ️

  11. I got 3 lol
  12. ...I can actually afford to fix my teef when needed 
  13. ...y'all tryna tell me none of these people do meth either? Huh? lol ...Suuurrre lol 

  14. Let’s see them.. take a pic of the other two with one iPhones awesome camera and post.. we can tell if it’s taken with an iPhone X camera..
  15. Look Ashes I'm (me Todd) not you is the puppet master  ...I don't jump when some filthy catfish tells me to jump  now be a good suck ass and make me another meme 

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    iPad Pro
    iPad Pro
  16. You don’t have to have them on or showing Kaw or anything.. I just want to know if u got the 3 in different colors.. my guess is 2 silvers and a gray..
  17. I use Breadcrumbs POS Ashes ...

    Two phones I got as incentives  ...trying to switch all iPads to pros 
  18. ...soommmme people do more then play games on their devices Ashley 

    Are you mad I didn't give you charms? lol  ...sorry bruh told you I had to get new devices

    But only playing big 3 sorry you can no have my fake jewelry :lol: :lol: :lol:
  19. Post SS of the convo Ash ...prove I'm lying 

    ...go ahead suck my butt some more thinking I'll give you something lol