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  1. A preacher wanted to raise money for his church and on being told that there was fortune in horse racing,so he decided to purchase one and enter it in the races.However at the local auction,the going price for a horses was so high that he ended up buying a donkey instead.he figured that since he had it,he might as well go a head and enter it in the race. To his suprise,the donkey came in third! The next day the local paper carried this headline"PREACHER ASS SHOWS" The preacher was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the next race again,and this time it won. The paper read: "PREACHER'S ASS OUT IN FRONT"The bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the preacher not to enter the donkey in another race.The paper headline:" BISHOP SCRATCHES PREACHER'S ASS"This was too much for the Bishop so he ordered the preacher to get rid of the donkey. The preacher decided to give it to a nub in a nearby convent. The paper headline the next day read: "NUB HAS BEST A AS IN TOWN' The Bishop fainted,He informed the nun that she would half to get rid of the donkey. So she sold it to a farmer for $10.00.Next day the headline 'NUB SELL ASS FOR $10.00 THis was too much for the Bishop so he ordered the nub to buy back the donkey, lead it to the plain where it could run wild and free. Next day the headline in the paper read "NUN ANNONCES HER A AS IS WILD AND FREE.The Bishop was buried the next day.

    Hope all like it I know I did when I found it had to share it happy kawing
  2. My grievance councillor died the other day. He was so good I didn't give a s***
  3. Someone recently broke into my 97 year old grandmothers flat and stole her limbo trophy, I mean how low can you get
  4. Sorry for the kids spell last part was ass
  5. Holy wall of bad grammar, ever heard of the return key?
  6. I have a Joke,

    The devs actually listen to us
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