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  1. What's is he getting like $48 mil for 6 years? Not too shabby. And no Kaepernick.

    College football jobs are better for coaches anyway. More fans. Bigger stadiums, and a lot more control.
  2. Brush its all about the Buckeyes
  3. They suck too. Alabama will tear them up.

  4. buckeyes are an average team in a subpar conference. now they have competition.
  5. Hes here and has signed his contract . Go blue!
  6. [​IMG] God damnit bunchie.. get back here..
  7. What the hell is a bunchie and why is it so disturbing to me .
  8. Bunchies are for tools
  9. Loved Harbaugh as the coach for San Fran, he the 2nd most winning coach with in there first 4 years of coaching. He just didn't get along with the HQ so they let him go.

    Now the Niners are screwed, Kap is gunna regress now that Jim left. It sucks to see his potential thrown out, yet it's a 49er thing to get your shipped off in one bad season.
  10. So a university is paying 48 millions for a football coach? Wondering how many scholarships they could offer with same money... But probably that's the socialst in me.
  11. It's a great day to be a Wolverine! Now, the Buckeyes will have competition and let's face it, MSU will go back to relevancy. Dantonio should have left when he had the chance.
  12. The Oakland Raiders offered to pay Harbaugh the most in the NFL :lol: yeah right wanted to go there.
  13. "Saban ain't worried" "bama will crush the buckeyes" "Buckeyes r an average team" "big 10 a subpar conference" lol haters gonna hate!! SEC isn't as strong as it was 3 years ago
  14. Spot on 
  15. FA Cup. Watch it.