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  1. You know, if the media stopped reporting about ISIS and the governments grouped together to shut down propaganda by ISIS, the problems wouldn't be as great.

    The fact that I can log onto the Internet and watch an ISIS propaganda video is kind of alarming. There's lots of crazy people who could be swayed by it to do crazy things.
  2. RIP**** you Al-Qaeda
  3. Tell me your main u little ****. Your just like the gun men, too ***** to show us yourself.
  4. ️Je suis Charlie️

    It's a shame that humans have to have such hatred toward other humans  thoughts and prayers with my friends in France ️
  5. It is people like this that perpetuate stereotypes, and condemn a group as a whole for the malicious actions of a small amount of Individuals.
  6. The tragic and shocking deaths in France shouldn't be used to justify more illogical and pointless hate against minorities.

    Those men have about as much to do with Islam as the Klan does with Christian folk.

    Condolences to the families and friends who lost people both the staff and the police officers executed.

    Hopefully the French and their friends will find those men and bring them to face their justice.

  7. That you can't even get the spelling correct on your feeble attempt at an insult just makes it sadder for you.

    That attitude is closer to that of the perpetrators then the victims of this tragic attack, think about that next time you feel like spouting off your idiotic ill concieved and misguided rants.
  8. Je suis Charlie.

    My heart breaks tonight. :(
  9. Double post sorry :( :(
  10. Well sadly these artist were playing with fire, but that's no reason to be killed over. Rip to the victims and my condolences go to there families I know how tough it is when a family member is murdered.
  11. Vive Le français, gros Anglais sale
  12. Je suis Charlie

    Marre de la barbarie!
    vive la liberté ! Aux armes citoyens
  14. True point.

    It's the sesationalisation of the few that do such things (in comparison to the amount of Muslims in the world) that gives the entire religion a bad rap. Most of the Arabs and Muslims I know, are perfectly normal people, they live their lives and do the right thing. Then things like this happens and they get hate even though they aren't the extremist type.
  15. je suis charlie
     je me souviendrai
  16. Support Freedom of Speech and freedom of ANY belief. May truth and common sense prevail over barbarity 
  17. je suis Charlie

    The peaceful majority are irrelevant 
  18. Damn.... It seems that "oft misunderstood religion of peace" is at it again.....