Japan Disaster Relief Efforts - Updated Results

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  1. Anyone remember the rednecks devastated by tornados? What about them?
  2. Yea what about the rednecks
  3. This redneck had his house blown away and wants free nobs
  4. It's sad that all this people lost there homes
  5. I would but I can't don't have any $ wish I did and wish I could help
  6. FYI this achievement and process of donating was time and date specific in other words you can't achieve it now :)
  7. I was inscribe thru the achievement day :O
  8. That's cool
  9. What happened was sad but it's cool they found a way to help
  10. I respect u devs
  11. I like how you donate an extra 50% of the total from donations, that shows you actually care and that you aren't just money grabbers like people say.

     May Japan Pray For You, A Thinking Ape
  12. WOOHOO! I supported but mom wouldn't let me buy :(
  13. Why was this bumped?
  14. old thread /lock.