Japan Disaster Relief Efforts - Updated Results

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  1. I'm a city away from where a T5 tornado hit and the damage is horrible. Someone said the grand total of damage done is more than Katrina.
  2. Wow that's alot
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  4. I frrl really sad for the ones in japan
  5. B U M P

    Great effort and Good Luck to japan. We love you
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    Great effort and Good Luck to japan. We love you
  7. And again: To all KAW players who are crazed and or using resources to play KAW.......just stop and think about how the Japanese feel.
    Imagine if that was Your country.

    :) just have a heart...... Think about others :)


    B U M P
  8. :p What WAS that awful thing i call a heartfelt plea to honest worldwide KAW players?!?
    Just don't be selfish :)

    Done preaching for the night 
  9. This was kinda premature though, cause after the radiation from their reactors mutates an animal who runs rampant thru Japan, well, were just gonna have to do this all over again.
  10. think ata can do more, im sure we can
  11. Hope every thing goes well
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  16. How can I get involved in this, I know it's a bit late but I still want to help
  17. They need to do this again. Japan still needs lots of help. I bet even more people would help this time.