Japan Disaster Relief Efforts - Updated Results

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  1. Considering that this is way over, why still post on it?
  2. is this event still goin on?
  3. No, it was only for the dates posted in the original post.
  4. awww i wanted to buy some
  5. Re: Japan Disaster Relief Efforts

    pesimistic much :?: :lol:
  6. D: I wanted to help D:
  7. I bought health crystals.
  8. I make that with my eyes closed
  9. They want money when they can sell on of their businesses and japan would be back to normal. They're greedy people. That's all I'm saying. No offence
  10. Kaw_admin it was 9 magnitude note 8.9
  11. Who cares ! We killed Osama!!!

    Just thought I'd try it, nope not enough zeal that time.

    And Japan deserves our help.... Not our condemnations, especially those concerning their nuclear reactor. Remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Remember 3-mile island? The united states doesn't have an unblemished track record , despite whatever country songs your listening to
  12. The people on our own soil that were hit my the tornados should get donations to not some country across the sea. No offense to Japanese people I <3 your tech