Japan Disaster Relief Efforts - Updated Results

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  1. I did NOT hear about a disaster relief from this game
  2. maybe you should peek in forums more / news?
  3. It was announced many times.
  4. Wow! That's great. I gave an additional to the Red Cross and may give more
  5. Good to hear you're helping out so much ^^
  6. I missed it.when will u reopen to help japan?
  7. Dans I missed it too ;(
  8. Re: Japan Disaster Relief Efforts

  9. Can you get the Japan achievement still
  10. Wow 50,600 dollars is a lot.
  11. Not unless they do another benefit event can you get the achievement. The likeliness of another is fairly low, don't count on it.
  13. Proof? Where can I find a news video of this?
  14. Wow 7.4 is huge I hope they are ok
  15. Why I didn't get an achievement badge for d crystals purchased on 27th Mar? Does it mean that my money didn't go to the charitable fund?
  16. Yup just appeared in our Sunday newspaper
  17. wow. we really helped
  18. Awe man ur profile is classified