Japan Disaster Relief Efforts - Updated Results

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by admin, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Good going ATA 
  2.  Great Job Everyone 
  3. $30k? Wonderful! And yes, Apple should donate their proceeds as well.
  4. I fogot to buy som:(
  5. Good job i contributed abit too
  6. I donated $2 I hope Japan recovers soon!!
  7. That was brilliant I think you r good people
  8. How greedy are apple!! Apple must have known you were donating an they still took a fee!!
  9. That is amazing! Makes me not feel so bad for being so addicted to this game! Great job!!!
  10.  effort everyone for contributing
  11. Very good job
  12. Good Job guys! I love seeing so many people who care for Japan. 

    I'm sorry I couldn't help with the effort, but instead, the app store was selling Plants vs. Zombies for only $.99 and 70% goes to Japan. So I helped in a different way. :)
  13. Great job! **** Apple for taking their "share".
  14. good job
  15. So if i donate nw it will not be recognised is it???
  16. I should think so... the deadline has passed for quite a while.