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  1. I'm sorry for not posting, but I posted this before I went to sleep. Then I had school. Anyway, there's a few things I need to clarify.

    Firstly, this a part of what iEnterprises© will develop into. This focuses on rating the stories of fellow writers, but I'm looking for experienced and skill writers who can rate without restrictions. That means giving the raw facts, no softening up because so-and-so is a buddy. None of that. This is strictly professional business. I am taking applications, and doing some checks regarding the applicant. I have already invited some people to join iRating iEnterprise©, and they should know on their walls. Note, I may not be done asking, so just a little F.Y.I., but please do apply.

    My next point is that we are not competing with iWrite Co. Yet, that is. We are still developing. To put it to terms, iEnterprises© is the Apple Company while iWrite Co. is Microsoft (I don't mean that the quality is lower, I'm using this as a different example). Microsoft it what most people would generally have on a home computer, and what millions use. Apple, on the otherhand is not used by as much people due to the price, and because of it's exclusiveness, it gives it a sense of pride in owning one, that pride being like something above and beyond the normal Windows. What my point is that, while many, and anyone can use Windows (or in this case, iWrite Co.), Apple (iEnterprises©) brings about something different because of the looks, feel, etc. iEnterprises©, primarily, is something a little more professional than iWrite Co., this meaning that we will select and edit ourselves, to keep a certain sense of skill and technique to differentiate from the norm. iEnterprises©, so to speak, is an advanced iWrite Co., but we add a certain edge to things that are done in a way. That is the main thing about iEnterprises©. I understand that many of you are already part of iWrite Co., which is understandable since those who are joining will just be asked to rate stories. The endorsements of iEnterprises© has yet to come about. So to speak, expect iEnterprises© to expand, but at the moment, we are just looking for skilled and qualified players to give ratings of the stories. We have yet to establish a friendly competition against iWrite Co.

    Thanks for reading.

    iZaln Enterprises™
  2. I guess I qualify, maybe not tho...
  3. Apply: I would be a great Rator because
    A) I dont have very many friends, so I don't choose favorites.
    B) I am pretty active and will stick with one story.
    C) iZaln Enterprises has a nice ring to it.
  4. I'm not really afraid to express my opinion. But would I b experienced enough to join iEnterprizes?
  5. @Yo
    I'm still checking out other people's backgrounds, as well as yours. You'll probably be in... We'll see.

  6. Love to join. I stay on fan fiction all the time
  7. I would like to join cause

    1: I have barely any friends so I can't choose favorites
    2:if I do make friends with them I will still not choose favorites
    3:I love reading so I will not get bored and stop
    4:I love fan fiction and am here most of the time
  8. 1. I don't write, if that's a req. 2. I don't know any of the writers, except maybe bjorn21. 3. Can I be a proofreader? I'm a grammer/spelling Nazi sometimes. At least, that's what people have said.
  9. I posted on you wall but ill also post here

    May i join as my neutrality in reading is not affected by friendship nor money. I have read lots of different books and can easily separate childish book from well constructed ones.
  10. I'd say neither is apple. Both are a microsoft but one costs more.
  11. I have accepted Tantilus, YoDude, Robijoe... I'll have to submit this first before I can continue, but here's the template for your review:

    Story Title

    Then write a few things, either complementing or giving constructive criticism for the author to take note of. Also, give notes on Grammar and organization. Might wanna add character stuff, etc.

    That'll sum it up, but preferably write this in notes, an copy and paste. First, try to post on Palringo until you get the OK to post on the thread I'll make soon. The Palringo group is called: irate

    Those I named earlier, and those I'll name in the next post are allowed to join. Of course, the above mentioned and below mentioned people are simply being asked. If you reply yes, just post to my wall.

  12. Also, WtfWtf and iAm Toast have been accepted. Remember, all the names that have been accepted are allowed to join the palringo group: irate

    Anyone not mentioned who join the palringo group will be kicked. Also, if you show inactivity for atleast two months, you'll be kicked off.

    iZaln iEnterprises™
  13. Yay!! I was accepted!! But for some reason palringo doesn't work on my iPod. So I don't think I'm gonna b in the pal group..
  14. So wait do u rate stories or write them
  15. I write and rate.

  16. Sorry Zaln. I'm quitting. Even though I started here today lol. I'm quitting KaW
  17. No utho don't leave
  18. Ok if things dont work out at iwrite I could join I'll probly b writing mostly war novels