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  1. Hmm maybe have stopping them called Project (name) and that could be the title?

    New idea?
  2. How bout project:interception
  3. I like it! Project: Interception...nice ring! I say go for that.
  4. Great dude thanks I'll set up a character pole here tomorrow
  5. Okay, good luck!
  6. May I suggest to do a seperate sign up thread or maybe do a feedback thread.
  7. Well the main reason I'm doing the pole cause I'm also gonna ask of anyone knows the culture environment weapons and people from north korea
  8. @Utho

    I quit because I don't need iwrite to write a story Bastion doesn't do crap except edit ppls stories that r popular and make characters

    If I need some1 to edit it I have friends who can do that
  9. Hey bastion I just put up my story sign up page i'd love it if u checked it out
  10. Hi ppl I'm back!!!!

    And I really did quit iwrite!!!
  11. YEAH! Welcome back Bjorn!
  12. Welcome back!
    And if you don't know yet, Chapter 4 Part 1 is now posted for Rise of the Minor Gods. Enjoy!
  13. I saw it kimber very good
  14. Hello guys!
  15. Anyone need help?
  16. Poor Bastion? First day of hs first period I'm only freshman. Then my fourth period is such a blow off class, we sit for thirty minutes staring at the wall. But other than that yay bastion. 
  17. Anyone looking for a promotion? I'm getting really busy with hs so if you have lots of free time step up.
  18. I had 15 hawt girls in chemistry. But I don't think KaW is happenin durin the week no more.