I've been accused!!!

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  1. Now I'm afraid of doing anything 0.o I have horrible luck and I just know I'll get banned.
  2. If devs try to ban me I'll sue em bc I definitely am not bottling....can't even figure out how to use hack programs...chick the button and make it go up
    Clicks button
    It goes down
  3. Lol... So far i received no replies from 3 feedbacks sent to them. I had also emailed them and demanded an apology. Still no reply.
  4. Wait at least 24 hours, and don't spam them ;)
  5. That be a killer to be kicked if u pay to play on here I go nuts if it happened me due to the money I pay in heath crystals n pro packs even nuts to get such a pm I find this a shame they accused u as in RL if someone accuses u n it be un turn a law case can be made on ur behalf they shouldn't accuse unless 100% sure
  6. If they ban you demand a refund for the money you spent on the game
  7. Just had the exact same thing happen! With no responds from support either!! If you play alot you must be cheating is devs thoughts!! How silly! Maybe they should investigate things like your clan chat or WC post during that time??? Time we were acknowledged for spending time and possible cash on KAW! Not punished for it!!
  8. Its been 48hrs... 2 emails sent to them and still no reply. What kind of support team do they have? If they can't meet up with the 24hrs reply, then they should not be stating it as 24hrs. Is it too difficult to just apologise for the wrong accusation?
  9. The fact that you sent three feedbacks and two emails is probably the problem. Spamming the devs doesn't ensure more replies.
  10. You act like the devs already banned you. They have simply flagged you. You may be telling the truth, but then again you could very well be spitting out falsehoods. You demand an apology for what? They simply warned you that you had suspicious activity. I would be thanking them for giving me a heads-up.

    As for the feedback, get some damn patience. They get thousands of messages a day, and I hate to break it to you, but I'm sure you are not top priority. They will reply when they get the chance too.

    Just calm down. They have not banned you. They do not owe you an apology. If you don't like it, then quit.
  11. Shadow, as i had mentioned earlier... They had stated that email will be replied within 24hrs. I expect efficiency. If they cant meet up with that timing, then why did they state 24hrs?

    I am patient enough to send them the 2nd email 24hrs later after my 1st email was sent. So its been more than 48hrs for my 1st email to them and more than 24hrs for my 2nd.

    Before accusing or sending me a warning, they should have investigate 1st. I do not see any wrong of me demanding an apology. :)