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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SimbaTheFatDog, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. Errrmmm..... I'm right here , I decided to make some time to kick your asses, not right now though. I'm busy 
  2. Oh, did they CF? 
  3. Good you caused enough trouble for aurora
  4. Statless Alt gayy
  5. Hera...seriously?
  6. He is telling the truth about teacher strike. Boy am I glad its over.
    Most useless thing ever. Nobody achieved anything
  7. Osw runner. he said it
  8. BBQ :lol:

    GL though.
  9. Nothing but a bunch a noobs
  10. A player that has win/loses in the 6 digits range, been playing for 3 years, retires. A noob with only 40k eb wins, quits.
  11. Haha, what a dumb excuse noob
  12. @Dbad1 u hit the whole nwo they request cf? Noce one bud 
  13. Why is my name all over this thread.
  14. Your final thread ends with an error... That's fitting.
  15. Your as sad as Hera.You both quit and ran from a osw. Hera ran then came back at end to take credit for win. Hera then sold out the people that helped her. Hera now in black hand helping or should I say selling them out in osw. You two deserve each other. Why couldn't you both just stay retired.
  16. /lock please
    Not needed anymore as I'm not quitting
  17. Damn that was good hate right there.. Hard to bounce back from that kill shot :lol:
  18. Is that how you truley feel dbad? Thanks for putting me down on the day before my birthday.
  19. No one cares it's your birthday. Maybe retire for your birthday? We would then celebrate.
  20. what happened to Aurora? can't find it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.