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  1. 3 Retirements have happened FROM AURORA since this OSW started... Interesting
  2. Who cares it's a video game. No one "retires" you just stop playing
  3. Rage quits
  4. Lmao I knew this was coming  later crybaby noob️
  5. Killer number before you start beating your chest I saw you apologize to this guy last week for smack talking
  6. To za killer? never
  7. He might come out of retirement and make you apologize again if you keep trash talking him
  8. Didnt killer play a major part in starting that osw? i could be wrong
  9. RIB if he's bored why should he keep playing? I've never really seen the problem with people just stopping participating in a war.
  10. Yeah he made a thread calling NWO out, we put him in ca he ran to Aurora.

    That's how it all started.
  11. Great lord, Hera and za(Both have Quit) started the OSW for Aurora
  12. And remember it's not easy to farm someone to reset. Considering if they DO end up getting bored, they'll just log off for about a week or two.
  13.  cya... that 2 of theirs that have quit for 'school' but hera is back with more pots that before... she likely joined some hte clan or another cus she was out of sdp
  14. Please /lock mods, I did not make an excuse he is lying.
  15. Killernumber since your such a bad ass why don't you and noob world order make me quit. your mouth just got your clan another month.
  16. Killer GL with school.
    You mentioned quitting after the OSW in cc... But things change I guess. Give me your stats lmao. :lol:
  17. Apology accepted from killernumber I will cf on nwo
  18. Smh. Both my links on my wall "retired". Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
  19. ur a chmp pippin... u guys dont need me anymore war is pretty well over️
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.