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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SimbaTheFatDog, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. Hi!
    So yes,this IS a retirement thread. And no, i'm not simply leaving because of the "OSW",but rather because of school. Now I'm 100% a couple of you will be like "Haha, what a dumb excuse,NOOB"

    Its rather "complicated",You see; Recently there was a teacher strike so school started 3 weeks(Or 21 days) after the original date. And our teachers are trying to get us the catch up. But thats not it, being the only grade 9 in a french 10 class; things get complicated. Fast.

    So with regret and sorrow, I have to say Good bye

    It's been a great run with everyone! But sometimes, the best thing to do is say Goodbye.
    Im not asking for remorse or asking you KaWers to "Beat the crap outta NWO for me ok?"
    Im simply stating why i leave so you guys don't say to me: NOOB

    So, ill truely sorry for "running" away from a digital war,but i do have more important matters to deal with. So one more time, and for some friends.

    Nice warring with you guys at Aurora at NWO, big shout out to both sides :D

    Sorry for any BBQ code fails,first time :|

    I used URL instead of pictures because IDK how to resize an image :/
  2. ️ see you soon. Study hard. Bank you gold first tho.
  3. I totally liked the BBQ codes.. They were delicious
  4. I hate BBQ fails too.. It could burn the grass if the grill falls
  5. Ashes
    See ya have fun with school
  6. Ur welcome for making an eb fairy quit GL za
  7. You're quitting killer? Or some other fairy?
  8. I'm quitting tonight, and if it isn't BBQ codes, what is it o.o
  9. I never made an excuse!
  10. Hehe so faaakkeee
  11. BBC? Aren't they a television network? Holy **** xtreme is behind the phone hacking a candle at world news! Run before he steals your private pictures
  12. Rikki pmsl 
  13. Good going against you in indi wars good luck. Bullies are just weak minded people they do it because there being touched at home by there step daddys :lol:
  14. Za_Killer i assure you if i see you back a week from now. Or when osw is over. I will farm you until reset. I didnt support you this osw i fought because I was hit first. If I didnt have friends I would be with NWO right now. SMH noob running from OSW thats what this thread is. You were gonna quit when I farmed you and NWO 3 months ago when you were in NWO and I was in WiT. Smh then NWO begged me for CF.
  15. So the guy that the Aurora and NWO war started over quit. That's Awesome.
  16. Bai killer 
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Not open for further replies.