It’s been fun

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  1. I know it’s pretty corny to do retiring threads but there is just too many people to say goodbye to. A lot of the people I used to play with years ago have moved on from this game and for a while I did too.

    I tried to come back but everything got bizarre and it was no longer the game I enjoyed.

    To those I OSW’d with or against those were and will always be the fondest memories of this game.

    Take care KaW; I’ll be in another ATA game bbqing Kingdoms in realm 92 on Kingdoms of Heckfire.

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  2. Best of luck on Heck. Come back sometime. Say hi
  3. No support. Should have retired in Sic Noc.
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  4. Harkens back to the old days of KaW. Whenever anyone left, they wrote a goodbye letter.

    Gay, but harmless. Respectable.
  5. He'll be back. They all come back.