it’s actually quite funny

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  1. People know me people hate me I really don’t care about that I want to tell you a story
    Many moons ago in kaw there was no epic battle no sword to be won
    We fought like animals we taunted we were brutal
    We hated each other
    Happy days
    It’s kingdom of pusses not a war game anymore just tap tap is this what kofte played for ? All lost real money for this game to end like this lmao
    Sue thinking ape they took your money and changed the game they are liable
    Copy post this before it’s deleted
  2. Nobody cares. You already made a big deal about quitting yet come back to kaw to complain about how it used to be. If you dont like the game you already know where the door is.
  3. You are and never were nothing in this game
    Don’t reply to me again unless you prove yourself
    I’ve respect for enemies because they fought well I’ve no respect for wannabes so stay off my post noob
  4. Magoo has to periodically come out and cry in forums, I guess it’s that time again. Boohoo Magoo, here is a tissue
  5. Come to forums talking trash, what a big tough sweaty e-warrior.

    Take your sweat elsewhere.
  6. Oh man it seems Ive struck a cord with you. I do hope next time you go to make a forum post complaining you wait at least a month.
  7. Fight me don’ t talk about how good you are prove it now
    I’m here now
    Fight me now bring friends I’m alone I will fight alone
  8. No one is brave anymore
  9. You are 88mcs with a 7 year badge and Im 1.8bcs. What math are you doing that you think you would be big enough to get hit by me. Maybe next month when you make another thread if you grow some Ill hit you. I had no idea bravery was definded aa hitting a child over a phone game.

  10. he's not a child, he's old 

  11. Wonder how you would fair in that pvp with goo. Stats really don't mean to much.
    Old kaw gone goo, shame but that's ata for you. Most old school players leaving. Sell your charms for money goo. Let the new eb faires have the game.

    It's pretty much pimd, now anyways.
  12. Say goodbye to solace and that foul thing that was called vashti. The day is over
  13. Kotfe.. fighting.. no.. stop, too hillarious