Issue with drops is being looked into

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  1. The whole time
  2. There were issues, but they were fixed and the rewards were compensated.
  3. Hmm, no cards still. I have the ones from the original legends. We’ve completed tons of these Lycoan Epic Battles.
  4. I have not used any cards since obtaining these original ones.

  5. The drop rate is significantly higher for the harder EBs than the easier ones
  6. We’ve done a variety of them, all up to Murderous. We just haven’t gotten any cards. Are you saying it’s just our luck that no one in the clan received any, out of all of the epic battles we have done, during the whole time the Epic Battle was released?
  7. Same, my clan has done every Lycoan EB except diabolical I believe, and I can’t say I’ve seen any drops of tarot cards.
  8. I’ll rephrase that for Winston........

    Only the select few clans and or players get better drop rates........the whole time 
  9. I been getitng loads of cards, diabolical drops 2 cards 70% of the time for me and crushing its very rare but still occurs, maye just ur luck. I collected a few cards.
  10. That sounds like that’s about right lol.
  11. I am still seeing reports of clans that have ran countless Lycoan Epic Battles with no cards being dropped. Is the drop rate for the tarot cards the same as the drop rate for the “extremely rare” charms from the Tri-Gem Chests or is it a drop rate like those of quests?
  12. It's just more junk for your trunk so best not to worry about it 