Issue with drops is being looked into

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  1. Hey folks! Our developers are aware of the issue with EBs dropping wrong items and they're currently working on fixing it. Thank you very much for understanding and we apologize for inconvenience!

  2. Also the lack of hunters tokens?
  3. Free tacos as compensation? Also thanks for the quick fix
  4. Should be fixed now :) There's a difference between the "Dullahan Box" and "Dullahan Chest" so just make sure it's the right one!
  5. Is it me or do the Dullahan Box and Dullahan Chest look the same?
  6. Why give 11% bonus from br when just finishing fod 13% bonus ????
  7. So... i just opened my first chest but no tokens :(
  8. I’ve done a few dullahan ebs and only got one box. Are they randomly dropped? Or should get every eb?
  9. Should check the size of eb,we told you last time you ran that eb it was to small.
    Seems like you dont understad that most clans are to big to run that eb.its over in 5min
  10. My wife would be happy if I lasted 5 minutes
  11. Support
  12. So I received a royal wolfsbane chest from a Dullahan eb...not normal 
  13. Were the Lycoan ebs supposed to be dropping tarot cards this whole time? Or just at the start of this new event?
  14. Hey devs. I’m getting real tired of chests dropping just Idols and inferno for me. Up the damn rewards drop rate out of those chests. I get a tri gem...I won’t even open it. I don’t want any more circles.
  15. They were supposed to drop cards the whole time, and throughout the whole event, I got 1 to drop after so many ebs.
  16. I’ve opened 5 tri-gem chests and never got either of the charms from it. I’m not opening anymore. Drop rates suck tremendously. However, Charm farmers seem to get those drops. Makes no sense at all.
  17. Why does everything have a problem when you release it? Are you guys not testing things anymore?
  18. It's as if they were made to commonly drop circles and make the charms really rare... Also 5 boxes isn't that much really. People opened far more and didn't get the rare charms
  19. When you spend money on a chance at winning something you usually end up disappointed. If you’re going to open tri-gem boxes don’t expect to get the top rewards. Those boxes are made to have customers spend on dumb luck.

  20. Lol, I beleive that.