ISIS 170 Hostages.

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  1. I agree with your point. That being said it is also incorrect.

    Yes the Quran says all of these things, likewise it also has it's violent passages (as do most other religions) that can be used to justify violence. To say it doesn't is to casually ignore a good amount of the texts.

    Religion (all of them) isn't and cannot be labeled as this or that because that is a lack of human interpretation. All religion can be used and utilized by what the individual worshipper brings into it.

    If a happy humble person worships Christ they will take from the applicable parts of the Bible to them. If a violent and angry person worships Yahweh they will take from what best suits them.

    Just because the text says one thing somewhere doesn't mean it's all encompassing because more often than not there is subtext in a story elsewhere justifying different behavior.
  2. Terrible to hear about these problematic times :( & i hope those affected get their justice.

    On another point being mentioned...So, when the Pope used to ride his warhorse around in battles back in the day he wasn't religious cos the bible has a commandment from moses saying do not kill?..dont think alot of ppl understand how up for interpretation and change religion is...i believe less than 10 yrs ago the pope announced the catholic church's change of opinion that the possibility of life may exist outside of this planet without changing the name of his religion. What exactly makes the isis not just extreme zealots of islam even if under their own interpretation?
  3. The Pope also once declared rats to be fish so they could be eaten on Fridays.

    As I said, it's all up to interpretation for the reader.

    Here's a well detailed article explaining what ISIS is trying to emulate. Read it in entirety if you want to understand the situation a little more. Also don't dismiss anything until you finished because the author is quite thorough and will explain everything in due time in the article itself. ... ts/384980/
  5. Extremists are bad. Even if all ISIS members were Islamic, it wouldn't make this a a religious thing.

    If a catholic man stones 75 people to death before getting caught, then said he was doing so because by catholic law, does that mean every single catholic is a murderer?

    No. It's the one person. I'm not going to judge all Islamic people by the acts of "religious" extremists.
  6. I hate all that do cruel things in the name of religion. To hell with them!
  7. It would make them a religious group tho
  8. Religion is a great recruitment tool for someone who wants to take over the world doesn't mean they are religious.
  9. Look how many sheep have flocked to them.
  10. Judge them by the teachings of Islam, anyone following such bullcrap should be locked up. Same for Christianity and Judaism but thankfully they dont follow the bible/torah.
  11. Easy to say that and blame extremists when the majority secretly supports their actions. We arent stupid. Religion of peace ...right.
  12. 50% muslims support shariah law.
    peace :lol:
  13. Excellent article mate, deffinately worth a read for anyone who's looking to gain more information on the prepared tho as its not a short read lol
  14. Not going to blame Muslims, but its true that you can't remove certain Islam teachings from ISIS. Whether or not these teachings are misinterpreted is a tossup. That's why we use the term extremists immediately after Muslim while describing these people. Yes, we cannot group all Muslims into this extremist group, but we can't remove Muslim from extremists, because they definitely are Muslim.
  15. It's not ISIS you blazing idiot. It's a different group entirely
  16. You can't remove Christian teachings from Medieval practices either, such as genocide, slavery, ****, and murder.

    If there were a crazy enough Christian group out there (and there probably is) that supported these things, then you'd probably get pissed off if I called them Christian extremists, while you'd just call them crazy people. You could punish someone in Christianity for mixing 2 fabrics together.

    The Old Testament can be followed in such a way to create a group WORSE than ISIS.
  17. I should have learned to post pics but the meme with Bush saying..

    "if I were still president, ISIS would be WASWAS"

    Kills me. lol
  18. Yeah people misinterpret the bible too! and I do call them extremists. Westboro Baptist anyone? They just havnt killed anyone yet
  19. I'm not judging all religion as bad either. I'm just saying these are religious ppl...& further without religion there would be no isis...crusades...holy wars or terrorrism in the name of holier than thou principals. Also before some1 says, "it wont stop ppl fighting neway", yes, i agree that there is still going to be violence in the world without religion (i'd even say religion stops some ppl committing atrocities/violent acts at times) but without religion around more would be able to focus better on solving these more logical problems without the self-confessed blind faith some of these ppl have, who are driving the religious war machines of today... you can pay people more, give them more land and better living circumstances, etc to stop them being violent in those areas but you can't give sumone a new soul or eternal spiritual salvation to make them give up on a religious fight.
  20. It's in Africa so who cares