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  1. Have you ever been lied

    Have you ever been alone

    Have you ever tried

    To be the best while facing the odds

    When your team felt like God's

    Hitting the roster to win the prize

    When you realize the bracket size

    Is this my war?

    Have you ever thought maybe I'll win this war

    Maybe we will win this score

    But then your felt like your face hit the door

    Asking why is this not fair

    Blaming the team with a dead stare

    Now winning isn't there

    When nobody doesn't really care

    While the other team is in satisfaction

    While the other team is struggling for actions

    Is this my war?

    Narrowing at the end of a big loss

    When you know when you came across

    Nobody was on while others leak

    I can hardly tell if any one speak

    While gather up our minds and think what happened today

    Is this a mistake or we gave way

    Is this my war?
  2. Think it is a poem? Not bad
  3. It'S EVERYONE'S WAR, the_guy
  4. Forums going to hell in a hand basket