Is the Rap game getting better or worse?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Nate, May 30, 2017.

  1. Worse. Only era of rap that matters is the Dylan Era ...

  2. Xxxtentacion>biggie
  3. You are cancer
  4. Truth
  6. Jadakiss
    Styles P
    Sheek Louch
    Big L

    And many more who don't get the respect they deserve over some of these names being slung around.

    The Lox always brought fire, whether at Bad Boys, Ruff Ryders or D Block.
  7. Was literally just scrolling though to see if anyone was gonna mention him, dudes got bars, getting hard for peeps to sleep on him when he's on billboard 200 and top of iTunes
  8. Roots manuva could teach y'all a lesson in lyrical word smithery..
  9. I'll be honest I listen to hip-hop for the beats and the head nods. I never really dig deep into the messages that are in the song because I feel like it's better to relay different messages on different genres of music.

    Hip-Hop for rolling down the windows and just bumping, getting hyped up.

    Pop songs for parties, sweet 16's other stuff

    Rnb if you're in your feelers, or it's raining outside

    rock songs if you're feeling rebellious

    Country songs for doing country things (sorry don't listen to this genre too much)

    And yeah of course everyone is entitled to their opinions, messages and hidden agendas in songs is important for many people. However, another side to enjoy music is to just listen to it! Get a drink, use some headphones, smoke some gud gud, no need to over analyze :)
  10. I literally posted Lines from perception... lmao
    I said it first!
  11. It’s getting worse. Rip
  12. It's basically just in transition. The new era rappers(i.e. Futuristic, Logic, Chris Webby, Hi-Rez) are totally different than say Eminem, Lil Wayne, or Wiz Khalifa. This era will be more "personal", if you will. More inspirational and just more geared toward our younger generations.
  13. Add Chris Webby here, and it's a deal.
  14. Its getting worse lol.
    Slick Rick, Big, Pac, The lox, the Wu, Cube, PE, n em. Best ever era.
    The best you never heard of- The Jacka
    Hope for the future- A-F-R-O
  15. So we can determine someone’s age based on their favorite era of music? Oh, okay. So you said 1970-85... so I’m guessing you were born in the 40’s and you were a greaser in the late 50’s? Probably got drafted in the Korean War. You worked as a mechanic for 30 years in downtown of a major city. Just an assumption based off the era of rap you preferred.

    But in all seriousness who thought bumping this was a good idea? Go away and let me die in peace dammit.
  16. Drummer boy-talk about me
    King lil g- lights out, after my death
    By both- different world, etc.
  17. I like your taste sir