is the patriots dynasty finished?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rammy, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Rams move to 4-0.
  2. The rams are great, there fans have always stuck with band wagoning because they are doing well here folks......hmmmm yeah
  3. ^ tf this mean? Fans from St Louis all of a sudden support a team in LA?
  4. We’re talking about a franchise that’s only missed the playoffs 3 times since 2000...As long as Brady and Bellicheck are together, they’re a contender.

    You’re asking this question way too early in the season though.

    It’s the NFL, anything can happen. The only thing a team needs to do at this point in the season is stay healthy and make the playoffs.

    PS: Eli Manning? Seriously?
  5. Our defense still looks a bit shoddy but I will take it. The Vikes are good team, they just seemed out of their element on Sunday. That was a good strong win
  6. Didnt know gronk was considered no one. Edelmen is also back next week.
  7. I’d agree with this. The key part of your statement, however, is “as long as Brady and bellicheck are together”. It’s rumor, so you can accept it or dismiss it, but I have heard there is a falling out between Brady and bellicheck (despite their public denials). Apparently Brady’s personal trainer isn’t allowed on site with the team, and Brady has been pushing his teammates to use him, as well as to go on a “TB12” programme, which feels cultish to some.
    Is the chemistry between Brady and bellicheck over? I’m not sure. Can you count them out? Probably not.
    Amen! If the rams lose Gurley, cooks, Donald or Suh, then it’s an entirely new game. Regardless of what team you enjoy, I hate seeing injuries. It’s bad for the league.

    Seriously ;-)
  8. The Vikings had their backs up against the wall. They were in a “must win” mode, and they left everything on the field. They threw everything they had at the rams, took 4th down chances and were a bit risky through the entire game. They HAD to do that. I feel bad for the Vikings, because next week they play the eagles, which is just brutal. This is a bad schedule for Minnesota