is the patriots dynasty finished?

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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first forum post, so, please be kind.
    I’m kind of a football fan, and I was wondering what people thought of the patriots.
    Last year Tom Brady and friends lost the super bowl to the eagles and a backup QB.
    This year, after being handed a loss by the lions, they have a record worse then the Cleveland Browns. What happened to them? And where is the next dynasty coming from? Will it be philly, or maybe L.A?
  2. Cowboys will win the superbowl dont worry
  3. As huge Rams fan I hope so. I think the Rams are set up to be the next big dynasty
  4. I love the rams! I’ve enjoyed them for years. I think your prediction is correct, and here is why.,,,
    1. Sean McVay is a special kind of coach. He took Fischer’s team from the lowest scoring team in the league to the highest scoring team. That’s very impressive.
    2. Success follows success. This year the rams have sooo many more weapons than last year. Players want rings, so, I think elite talent will continue to migrate to LA
    3. It’s too early to say, but goff looks simply amazing. I’m a huge fan, and he’s so young. I suspect goff will be peyton Manning 2.0
  5. The rams have weapons!? Wth

  6. Todd Gurley
    Aaron Donald
    Brandon Cooks
    Number 1 draft pick Goff

    Scary stuff!
  7. I firmly believe that 14-2 and a super bowl is the ceiling for this year's Rams team, as biased as it sounds
  8. Yes when you think about it Tom Brady really doesn’t have anyone...he’s old...and can’t carry the team on his shoulders 
  9. What 2 teams would possibly hand them losses?
    I think the eagles and..... some random team that gets lucky
  10. Im from mass and im sorry the GOAT and gronk have one more superbowl together
  11. No if any team can make I come back you know it is the patriots
  12. Calling Brady a “GOAT” seems like a bit of a stretch. He’s good, yeah, but greatest of all time?

    If you’re looking career value, sure, Brady is the greatest, because he has the most rings.
    HOWEVER, if you’re looking at “peak value”, which I define as the athlete who gave the best performance of all time, and at his prime was utterly untouchable, then the award would go to Eli Manning. Eli manning out quarterbacked tim Brady during the super bowl against an undefeated pats team. Eli Manning took out Tom Brady when Brady was in his prime. Not only did Eli Manning do it once, he did it TWICE.

    So, sure, Brady has the most rings, but if we are to compare who the greatest QB was in their prime, I think Eli Manning takes the award
  13. Funniest thing I’ve read in weeks!!
  14. Who gets your vote for goat? 
  15. I like the Pittsburgh Steelers & Ben Roethlisberger
  16. Patriots are done. Answered and lock needed
  17. Belichek lost the team when he benched Malcolm Butler during the super bowl. No one is running thru walls for him anymore.
  19. He was a really talented player. I didn’t understand that decision. I also think it was the wrong decision, but arm chair coaching is pretty easy to do 