Is the New Eb hard or not

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by xXSnowFallXx, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. I was wondering cause in wc i hear people yellimg for help and then when i ask about it , most say thats its really easy. How is it really?!?
  2. Nah it's pretty easy.
  3. Its time consuming. But good pay.
  4. I see that clans are still on phase 1 after like half the eb is already over
  5. The basics are easy. Fact for me is, I need the 22.5m pot to hit properly. Whereas I only need every pot below the 7.5m pot for haunting. That isn't even 5m worth. The toughness has gone up way to much. And this is 1 of 4 to come. The end pay is pretty damn **** as well. All the plunder you see in the history? Half or more then half is through them skimming the epic battle. My mate at 5m attack had to use pots for the last couple hits. 5m attack. He needed pots.

  6. I went in and did one then some dick face foregotted it.
  7. It blows. For the cost of the HL the payout is a joke and no items to add insult to injury. I'd say the people who have worked hard enough to reach that point deserve a little more respect than this sad little debut eb
  8. From what I heard it pays pretty well and my friends clan finished in about 3 hours
  9. It isn't that great but doesn't mean this is the eb devs said would compare to the haunting
  10. I can hit fine with my BFE. I'll take ya through the phases.

    •Atk Top bar to 0
    •Assasinate bottom bar to 0
    Take big red bar to 0

    •scout top bar to 0
    •steal middle bar to 0 (regens full per 5 minutes.)
    •Atk/assa bot bar

    Kill big red bar.
  11. It is already in Wulfs guide mate.
  12. The time consuming part seems to be phase 1
  13. Nahh. Clans just didn't realise they'd have difficulty with it.
  14. Easy to do
  15. The main clan in my family clan system is failing this eb with many big hitters
  16. It's boring as ****, much like the rest.
  17. Sorry to say the new eb sucks. No items, No new equipment, no aqua inferno and pot drops. Just a basic boring eb. Very disappointed with it. We actually went back to doing b2b FOD, hope the next one is better
  18. This eb was supposed to be similar to haunts so of course its a little dull.
  19. It should of least had items. And the payout should be a lot better