Is it worth getting back into kaw in 2020?

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  1. So I started playing this game in 2012 right through to 2017, due to some personal stuff I kinda fell out with the game.

    I've considered picking it back up but with the closure of the pc version and how quiet the game looks nowadays I'm struggling to see the point. So here's my question, is it worth getting back into kaw in 2020?
  2. That's a question you ask yourself. Forums are dead but wc is always active. Easy to grow now. Find a family and it'll be fun
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  3. I'm very much on the borderline with coming back. I have moved on in a sense but it's always been a fun game to play.
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  4. eh it’s more of a time killer for me now, I was gone for almost a year but I’ve come back here and Heckfire . Enjoying it once you join a clan and meet more people
  5. I cant hardly believe the state of the forums...i came back after like 7 years away and everythings dead 😂
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  6. I think you don’t need to make a commitment out of things. Appear! Disappear! Appear again! Poof!

    Be the magician you want to be. If you join a different random clan each time and here and there (maybe make a lasting friend or a boredom buddy), then you win. Even if you’re filling the empty space with a fishing-like zen, you win.

    What is losing like again?

    Edit: And now I see John necro’d this. Well, I never said I wasn’t blind. Hello there.
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  7. Only if you don't have fond memories of the game that you'd rather not have tarnished by the increasingly cynical money centric circle jerk that it now is, there is no real developer support and the moderation of the game is a joke 🙄
  8. I’ve been getting back into the game. Personally, I don’t think it will ever be what it was. BUT the main thing that’s kept me in here for years is the social aspect. Find a clan where you have friends, or at least try and find one with an active cc (which is kinda rare, but never know).

    That’ll make it a bit easier to get back into.

    Also the devs give out so much stuff related to growth that it doesn’t even matter how far behind you are. You can become an averaged sized account fairly quickly with the right activity.
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  9. Regarding these two aspects of KaW:

    The Game
    The Forums

    Not in a good state. A lot of the luster that remains is... underwhelming.
  10. DO ETTT!!!!
  11. ...beyond dead geezuz how'ld y'all let it get this bad? What happened to Belladonna, Sexy DOMO, Roni, etc etc etc? 🤔