Is a straw an eating utensil?

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  1. Ive been pondering a deep philosophical question and Ild like the KAWmunities opinion... you consider a “straw” an eating utensil? Please vote yes or no and discuss why you think so. Most specifically a Slurpee Straw.

  2. ...Ild really like HiT Squads opinion on this one. Thank you 
  3. If you’re a quadriplegic, a straw is the only utensil you can use on your own.

    So yes


  4. Wow
  5. Yah, you can eat applesauce and yogurt and granola (if you try), soup, canned pumpkin/pumpkin pie filling, lettuce/salad (if you use two straws like chopsticks, or just stab the lettuce with one straw), pudding, all sorts of foods.

    Of course, if you use the straw for drinking [presumably a liquid], it is then not an eating utensil.

  6. Oh snap...I see what you did here!

    I'd respond but I'm busy being irrelevant and useless atm. Keep flinging that poo:)

    (On topic, I suppose however you are currently using it dictates the designation)

  7. hmmm ...very insightful thank you Thrawn. So if it’s a liquid like let’s sayyyyyyy ....well any ole liquid beverage would do, lets say “Yoo Hoo” or a “Yoo Hoo” type substance and I use a straw to drink said liquid substance (may it be “Yoo Hoo” or not) it’s technically not “using a utensil”? ...correct?

    Ild really like to hear some more opinions from other mods ..devs too 
  8. ...I mean I think I see what you’re saying here Thrawn, like if I came across a chocolate brownie or a snickers bar and started stabbing either one of those with a straw hoping to pick it up that way and eat it, it would be a utensil right? ...not a very effective one but technically an “eating” utensil? Correct?

  9. ...hey bro thanks XxFrontxX yo your opinion means a lot to me I do appreciate it. So you’re basically agreeing with Thrawn? ...correct?
  10. ...really would like to hear from other mods and devs 
  11. Correct!! I also think you should enlist the opinion of more forum alts for this conundrum. I believe there is an inherent relativity there as well that could create value to the philosophy.
  12. Those get a food tube. Not a straw
  13. So in other words poo ?
  14. Straw is not a utensil. It’s a lazy stick. Anyone can pick up a glass to their mouths.
  15. I'd invite my alt to the party, but I disagree with his opinions and don't want to get into a debate. Clearly the straw is only an eating utensil SOMEtimes.
  16. Sure thing snowflake
  17. Anything can be a eating utensil if you try.

    I once used deer antlers to cook the same deer i shot because i forgot to bring skewers.

    I got bored then proceeded to sharpen the other part of the antler on a rough rock to be used as a knife. It didn't work but i tried.

    I'm fair sure one can use rigid straws as chopsticks or better yet metal straws as chopsticks. And you can't really go wrong with chopsticks.

  18. Pretty sure you’re LYING ...either that or you’re an idiot. If you hunt and kill something you’re required by law to butcher the animal and carry it out right then and there. So you’re either so stupid you forgot to bring proper equipment or you’re just a lying moron ...pretty sure your lying though I don’t you have the balls to butcher anything.

    ...I see a lot of Arby’s and McD’s in your life plus you’re not killing a deer with your .22 lol 

  19. ...I can confirm that your moms poo is deeeelicious (the lemonades not bad either) 
  20. A great many things can be eating utensils. All that it requires is for it to be a utensil that helps one eat. Many are claiming that in fact the straw is an eating utensil. I however, must offer a rebuttal.

    You see, the straw is in fact a drinking utensil! This is because instead of using it to eat, like you would with a fork or a knife, you use it almost exclusively to drink. Therefore, it follows that it must be a drinking utensil and not an eating utensil.

    Anyhow, now that I have this opportunity I'd like to analyze perhaps the most infamous of all the different utensils. What I speak of, of course, is the spoon! You see, the spoon is in fact neither just an eating utensil nor is it just a drinking utensil, it's both! This is of course due to the fact that we use the spoon to eat but we also use it to drink, sometimes at the same meal. For example, you might be a wierdo who eats and drinks mashed potatoes and tea together. In this case you'd be using the spoon in both forms!!!

    What an interesting subject :)