is $500 enough

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  1. Black Friday was only 75% and it was one weekend and not a week, and since then there has been some good promos run so 500 from old Bc to new Bc is doable. I never said from scratch
  2. MayB too takos
  3. If you spent that amount over black friday weekend you could of bc that weekend for about that amount. Without a similar promo, probably 1-1.5k
  4. Also depends how quick you wanna bc. Rapidly- 1.5k+. Slowly-500
  5. Not enough
  6. I wouldn't bother spending a dime anymore, being BC isn't going to get you much, those who reached BC within the few days after it was released have Q's to spare now, so it's not like ur catching them unless they take a decent amount of time off or get stripped. You'll just end up having 2 spend more on the next land release n more again on the next, etc becoming a never ending cycle that has no worthy reward for the cash spent.
  7. whatever 500$ tacos you're buying i want some :D
  8. No, not enough. Maybe ~$650 would be enough during 100% ZtA promo with unlimited xtals, but not as it is
  9. I spent 600€ on last Black Friday, didn't buy any chests and only daily deals.
    I went from all level 13 to level 20.
    That should give you an idea of how little $500 will get you. :)
  10. NOOB
  11. You can use nobility as xtals but not vice versa so not really a downside as such

    Best advice is trains, if you low gold chests be active do well in events, and do 47 trains which is equivalent two chests maxing out at 24 xtals
  12. Ok. Thanks for the input, not going to drop $500 and not be BC.

  13. ATA will have the last laugh when KaW closes it's doors just like gaw and fc did

    Enjoy those hundreds / thousands of dollars spent on this game now, because the time is coming when it all goes bye bye. Even if that day is far off, you can be sure that ATA will move the BC goal post again so that you forever have a reason to dump cash into this app.
  14. ^ nobody spent in gaw and FC though.. you could bc in a month on gaw while spending nothing. Kaw actually makes money, big difference
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