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  1. Build a wall so the american ignorance doesnt spread to real humans.
  2. Im staying home, live in broward county, im shuttered up and well stocked for the aftermath, stay safe stick together.
  3. HaHa ...nother butthurt foreigner. sorry ICE turned down your application, apply for a work visa instead. Git yer brown ass over here and build my wall :p
  4. Get out slippy.......

  5. Can Slippy come over?? :idea:
  6. Of course he can

  7. Im dirty dan
    Dang you win
  8. Monkey is sad he hasn't gotten any bananas lately
  9. ...Slippy?


    :( You guys ok?
  10. SLIPPY!!!!!

    USA #1 !!!

  11. And your butthurt because you're not American 
  12. This is the stupidest thing I've read today, if only there was some way to stop your vehicle from consuming gasoline while you're not moving.

    Well it sounds like a huge mystery as how to prevent running out of gas whilst idling, not like you could turn off the engine or anything.
  13. You always will be an idiot went down just like I said. It's not like I'm making it up you idiot it's being reported as happening that way. Again it's why they didn't evacuate Houston and Houston's easier to evacuate. Parts of Florida have been evacuated but its impossible to do the whole state in such a short period of time safely... again a big snow storm hits and gas stations run out of gas grocery stores run out of food and that's with no evacuating. If you honestly believe it would be different when they evacuate millions then you really are stupid.
  14. ...the dishes are piling up get back to work lol
  15. Who said I wasn't American and I said you were butthurt first for actually being butthurt. You need to come up with some new material m8
  16. Haha you're butthurt wish you were American :p

  17. Your name fits you dont ever change it
  18. Update I happen to live in the Tampa bay fl and based on the latest info it is going to be worse that expected yesterday
  19. For the person who suggested turning off the car, cars drain more gas just by turning it on than it would sitting idle for an hour. The repeated stop and go is what really kills your gas. Its physically impossible to evacuate everyone in florida.

    Your best bet is to hunker down and weather it out.