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  1. OH really the people coming over are not benefiting us? I know more than 50 immigrants from Mexico that are teachers and doctors. Trump is ignorant, yeah I'll take this personally because my family is made up of Mexican immigrants. My grand father worked his ass off as working in fields (yes he meet Cesar Chavez). He then got into construction and owns over 20 houses, he put 5 kids through top universities. So Mr. Trump what's ur next move?

  2. Well let's see Korea is a democratic nation right I mean look they have elections. Germany had elected Hîtler and Russia elected Stalin. So I don't understand how you see democracy as a good thing.

    Democracy is actually bad, clearly you don't understand politics because we don't have a democracy. We have a representive republic, democracy is bad because there is no protection for the minority.
  3. Democratic Socialism works in a representative Republic. If you weren't so hooked on Communists and Autocracies you'd know a good handful of the First World you are allied to consists of States either with this form of government or one that is utilizing it's philosophies for the benefit of their citizens.

    Please... tell me more about how you only know what you briefly ignored in high school. :lol:
  4. With a top tax bracket of 91% during his administration, Eisenhower did more to redistribute wealth than any other president. Is that Republican president called a socialist?

  5. I guess you don't really know anything about Chavez. The guy was against ILLEGAL immigration, he felt it hurt people here legally. He went to the border with people and acted as the minutemen do

    Illegal immigration is a heavy financial burden on this nation which frankly can't afford it.

  6. I mention my grandfather working with Cesar Chavez and being asked to join the strike. My grandfather didn't go on strike because he had a family to take care of.
  7. I never said immigrants were bad nor did he, it's what our country is founded upon; the ILLEGAL immigrants crossing the boarders are the problem! I totally agree with you about immigrents, and my family is from Germany, my grandfather moved here and created a housing buisness. He set us for life with what he started. I highly disagree with trump on "ban of Muslims," but he is totally correct about the illegal immigrents coming from Mexico not being beneficial, but harmful to our country.
  8. You're ignorant, more illegal immigrants come through Canda. Chinese illegal immigrants come in larger of that than the Mexican illegals. Actually more people are leaving the US back to Mexico than there is coming into the US. Yet the this wall needs to be built right?
  9. When did I say their needs to be a wall? And where did you get your information from? We have over 26million unaccounted illegal immigrents from Mexico in our country... US Census Bureau. Know your facts before you call someone ignorant.

    CNN doesn't count 
  10. And your still ignoring me when I say we aren't getting BENEFICIAL people coming over; we aren't getting doctors and lawyers lol were getting parasites to our government.

  11. That's odd because I'm sure my aunt who just came over from Mexico is studying as a surgeon. I mean it's funny because UCLA does have the program for immigrants but maybe I'm wrong maybe my aunt is a phony because she's from Mexico and is saving lives. A man at my church he's a youth leader for confirmation (final steps for being accepted into the Catholic Church), he's an immigrant and a lawyer for juveniles who get caught up in repeat crimes. I mean damn you should look around and stop beliving what Trump says do you even live in an area with a Latino based community stop being so gringo.
  12. Anyone watch the new Hampshire debate? Thoughts?
  13. I found that Sanders started off weak and Hillary was strong, but he absolutely destroyed her when he started talking about Wall Street deregulation and campaign contributions.

    Bernie started getting pushed into a corner with the "definitions of a progressive" but he got out and pinned her in a corner by turning attention to the corruption of Goldman-Sachs, the fraud committed by them, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars they've given to Clinton for "speaking fees"

    I think this might be the turning point in the Democratic race.

  14. Sanders will lose "accidents" happen in American politics to get paid politicians into office.
  15. That is illogical. Germany has been socialist since 1871 when Otto Von Bismarck created Germany and the welfare state. Hitller was a socialist because socialism was popular. It was nothing new. Under socialism, Germany became the Europe's most productive nation by 1913, and again by 1939, having suffered from hyperinflation throughout the 1920's. Even today, it remains socialist, and is still Europe's best economy.

    What you have today in America is not a democratic republic. What you have is an oligarchy in which the rich can buy politicians through speaking fees and campaign contributions, and where the average worker's wages have remained stagnant for 40 years, despite years and years of economic growth. If the minimum wage kept pace with economic growth, the minimum wage would be around $20 today.

    Do not confuse socialism with Leninism or Stalinism. Lenin himself created a capitalist state in the Soviet Union. He was a socialist, but what socialism meant then was an 8-hour day, a weekend, holidays, a minimum wage, and maybe some unemployment benefits. Russia had none of that before socialism. Stalinism is not socialism, just like North Korea isnt democratic, nor is it a Republic. Socialism isn't about pointless work for pointless pay. That's a different ball park. It's about giving opportunity to everyone, so that a poor kid has as much opportunity

    Russia didn't elect the Bolsheviks. Stalin was not "elected" to be leader. The Bolsheviks took power by killing all of the other socialists in Russia, as well as anyone else who disagreed with them... followed by the killing all but 4 of its former party members.
  16. I'll take any republican over clinton
  17. I think the world could use a president named Deez Nuts.
  18. Also if trump was to be voted in, he'd kick out all the Asians and Indians. Without the Asians, we'd have no video games, and without the video games, we'd have no hand eye coordination. Without the Indians, we'd have no engineers... Without engineers we'd have no Netflix, so we'd have no more chill. Is this really what we want to live in!

  19. Aquarius, I AM NOT FVCKING TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE THAT COME HERE LEGALLY! I HAVE SAID THAT A DOZEN TIMES! The ILLEGAL immigrants are not beneficial, which is what trump said. So stop ignoring what the Fvck I'm saying