iOS 9 Cost me my EE

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  1. So this morning I was supposed to go to war and I had an alarm set to wake me up so I could cast woc. I remember setting it the night before because my phone had the alarm logo next to the battery. I didn't wake up, no alarm, and the alarm was still on, because I had it set to go off every Saturday. It should be on still. Now, iOS 9.0.1 just came out and it says they "fixed the problem where some alarms and timers would not go off"

    Thanks apple.

  2. Sorry to hear that.
  3. Get a different alarm clock for next Saturday
  4. Damm thats a rough loss
  5. I feel your pain
  6. Cf granted b4 lock
  7. Maybe you set it to sleep mode, lazy.

  8. Not gonna lie this new kaw update for ios has made it a bit slower
  9. Quit complaining pineapple.


    DO NOT UPGRADE TO iOS 9.0.1!

    The upgrade has led to lots of bugs in the apple devices. Just wait 2 weeks later for the back up upgrade.
  10. **Thanks Obama**
  11. I petition that Majoras_Mask have his quote button disabled.

    Shattered Quote for 1 week
  12. Glad i didnt upgrade to ios 9 at that time, probably would be fired by now.
  13. I found that an easy fix is to buy an Android.
  14. thanks. all my problems are gone! and now kaw looks better. :)
  15. Ew.
  16. It's only for some alarms